Ahead In The Count Announces Discounted New Bat Program for Local Youth Players - Jay Kokora

Ahead in the Count - Our mission is to give local ball players personalized instruction and support. Our new discounted bat program is designed to reduce the overall cost of the sport for the parents.

Ahead in the Count Sports, a Boulder, CO based baseball training company announces their new baseball bat purchasing program for Boulder, County families.

The bat purchasing program will begin in November of 2010. The emphasis of the program is to provide a knowledge base and a money saving resource for youth baseball families in Boulder County.

Founder Jay Kokora says about the program, "The reason why we started this program is for two reasons: So many players never realize the increased success using the proper bats, and so many families over pay for the bats they do purchase. We want to help our clients select the proper bats for their players at an affordable price."

Co-founder Dona Kokora adds: "Boulder is a relatively small baseball market that has primarily been focused on Little League based play. With the recent expansion into tournament teams, parents are confused by the bat regulations of the different leagues."

The discounted bat program will help families deal with the fact that there is only one sporting good store in town and their selection at the holiday season is generally limited and possibly over priced. Bats through this program will be on average 25% less than the retail price through the typical outlets.

Ahead in the Count is also offering individualized youth baseball instruction for players aged 6 through 18. Please contact Ahead in the Count for more information.

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