Agora to Bring Low-Interest, Capital Marketing Funding to the BHPH Auto Industry

Agora Data, Inc., a finance solution provider of predictive loan technology, announced the launch of its most anticipated offering, AgoraCapital. With AgoraCapital, Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) auto dealers will have access to low-cost financing through the capital markets. This pioneering approach is another way Agora continues to provide industry knowledge and financial solutions to help BHPH dealers reach their goals, reduce risk, grow their business, and simply make more money.

“Until now, this highly complex financial option was unobtainable by BHPH dealers,” said Steve Burke, CEO, Agora Data. “With AgoraCapital, we are connecting the BHPH dealers with the capital markets. Our crowdsourcing technology combined with our deep industry knowledge and predictive AI loan technology is transformational and designed specifically for the BHPH dealer, which results in easy access to capital with very attractive terms.”

AgoraCapital will make it possible for the BHPH dealer community to compete with larger lenders and dealer groups who have large credit facilities with a low cost of funds. This is in addition to the other benefits the BHPH community receives through Agora’s proprietary technology platform utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning designed to improve loan valuation and performance outcomes.

“AgoraCapital will have a positive impact for this special group of entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business,” said Chris Hawke, Chief Revenue/Legal Officer, Agora Data. “AgoraCapital empowers dealers by providing the tools and funding they need to compete and realize their desired potential. BHPH dealerships across the nation have never had this type of financial resource available to optimize their business.”

About Agora Data, Inc. Agora is re-inventing auto finance for BHPH dealers and finance companies. Founded in 2017 by a best in class team of professionals with experience from top financial and technology organizations, the company has successfully combined billions in historical loan performance data with experiences from top executives in auto finance to develop its AI-Infused predictive loan technology and modeling. Agora’s development of an easy to use platform with actionable dashboards provides direct access to the untapped BHPH auto market connecting dealers, sub-prime buyers, and capital market lenders with results-driven opportunities for growth and access to capital. For more information, please contact Agora at (877) 592-4672 or

Contact: Shelly Vandeven​

Source: Agora Data, Inc.

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