AGORA Announces Integration With Wayne Reaves

Agora Data, Inc. (“AGORA”), a Texas-based provider of technology solutions for the financial services industry, announces its joint newly-launched integration functionality relationship with Wayne Reaves dealer management software (DMS).

“Partnering with Wayne Reaves is a great honor and opportunity for both of our exceptional organizations,” stated Steve Burke, founder and CEO of AGORA, adding, “The success and protection of our dealer customers is a shared mission for AGORA and Wayne Reaves, who are aligned to help dealers with loan portfolios; sell faster, sell more profitably and sell securely.” As one of AGORA’s key integration partners, Wayne Reaves’ dealers can seamlessly and securely offer their loans for sale to the 60-plus banks, finance companies and credit unions on the AGORA platform, avoiding unsafe emails and data files. Burke continued, “Data Files have been eliminated by the Wayne Reaves integration and dealers now have more liquidity than ever before.”

AGORA is the best way to offer your buy here pay here portfolio to many lenders at one time, ensuring the best possible offer is received. This will allow quicker transactions, more money and less hassle for the dealership using Wayne Reaves Software.

Bob Higgins, Business Relations Director

Since its launch in April 2017, AGORA’s flagship loan exchange platform has rapidly revolutionized the secondary market for auto loans, allowing buyers and sellers to publish and exchange loan data directly in an efficient and secure environment without the need of intermediaries or brokers.

Wayne Reaves became a licensed Georgia dealer in 1973 and has been involved in the independent automobile dealer business ever since. In 1987, Wayne began providing software to dealers for not only Buy Here Pay Here, but also bank financing, wholesale, cash and lease transactions. Wayne Reaves Software is now a leading provider of Dealer Management Software and websites to used car dealers. The company now serves more than 5,000 dealers across 24 states.

“AGORA is the best way to offer your buy here pay here portfolio to many lenders at one time, ensuring the best possible offer is received. This will allow quicker transactions, more money and less hassle for the dealership using Wayne Reaves Software,” commented Bob Higgins, business relations director.

The Wayne Reaves integration is the third of many upcoming integrations with the leading DMS providers. AGORA management expects that in the next few weeks AGORA will be fully integrated with DMS providers covering over 75 percent of the dealerships nationwide. Steve Burke added, “Soon all dealers will be asking ‘Does my DMS do this?’”

AGORA was created in response to the many friction points and inefficiencies that exist in the manner that auto loan portfolios currently trade – namely poor and inconsistent data, lack of transparency from the brokers that previously dominated the market and heightened regulatory concerns over unsecured transmission of personal consumer data.

About Agora Data, Inc.
Founded by industry veterans, Agora Data, Inc. is an Arlington, Texas-based developer of financial services enabling software and solutions. Its flagship application AGORA was launched to create a true marketplace for buyers and sellers of auto loans. With the launch of its initial commercial release, AGORA has turned to buildout subsequent releases to include extremely robust due diligence, pricing, reporting and compliance modules for the platform. Visit for more information.

About Wayne Reaves Software

Wayne Reaves Software has been a leading provider of dealer management software since 1987. The DMS provides an easy to use experience for dealers of all types and sizes with multi-location and online hosting capability. The software is always up to date and backups are secured.

Wayne Reaves Software also provides the latest technology for dealers who enjoy using responsive website platforms for attracting new buyers. As the most trusted name in the digital space, dealers rely on Wayne Reaves Software to sell more cars, make more money, save time and increase productivity. No other digital partner provides dealers with the depth and breadth of experience in the dealer industry. For more information on Wayne Reaves Software, visit

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