AGL Technology Drives Innovation in Animal Health, Nutrition and Production Industry with IBM's AI-Powered IoT Technology

AGL Technology

Animal analytics and technology services provider AGL Technology is working with IBM Watson IoT to help its customers in the Animal Health, Nutrition and Production industry maximize the potential of AI-powered IoT solutions.

The combination of AGL’s IoT/Cloud/Artificial Intelligence knowledge and industry expertise with IBM Watson IoT technologies will help customers improve animal care and productivity. IBM Watson IoT Platform Analytics Service and Blockchain Service will collect, analyze, track, learn and report AGL sensor data. IBM Maximo Production Quality Insights will drive acoustic and visual insights that help automate the application of AGL domain expertise.

“The Animal Health, Nutrition and Production space is ripe for cognitive solution innovation. The industry is driven by many factors, including rapidly growing global demand for animal protein, shortage of skilled farm labor, minimizing environmental footprints, reduction or elimination of antibiotics, and consumer awareness into animal production,” said Marcel Sarzen, President and CEO of AGL Technology. “Our knowledge and access in Animal Health, Nutrition and Production will enable us to rapidly innovate and, with IBM, deliver high value into this space.”

“IBM Watson IoT’s market-leading and AI-powered technologies enable organizations to collect and analyze operational data in real time to provide end-to-end visibility for the animal food production industry,” added Larry White, IBM Watson IoT Industry Sales Leader. “These advanced monitoring and health tracking solutions significantly improve quantitative and qualitative industry metrics, resulting in a higher level of animal care and productivity.”

AGL Technology uses sensors, edge processing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to provide precision livestock farming and supply chain optimization for Animal Production Integrators and their ecosystem partners.

AGL Technology is an IBM Business Partner in PartnerWorld, IBM's program that empowers partners with the tools and resources to help transform clients into industry leaders. The new solution will be available in the second half of 2019.

About AGL Technology

AGL has been operating in the cognitive IoT space since 2014 and is recognized for its Vetrax® animal behavior monitoring solution. The AGL leadership team also has extensive analytics expertise delivering solutions in the Animal Health, Nutrition and Production space that they continue to support today. For more information about AGL Technology, visit

About IBM

IBM enables clients to improve the operational efficiency of their physical assets and reduce costs through the power of IoT data and artificial intelligence. By collecting and curating data from billions of connected devices, sensors, and systems worldwide, we empower enterprises to derive new insights from their equipment, vehicles and facilities. With more than 6,000 client engagements in 170 countries, an ecosystem of 1,400 partners, and 1,300 IoT-related patents in our portfolio, our industry expertise, leading security, and solutions built for a hybrid cloud environment firmly establish us as a leader in IoT. For more information on IBM Watson IoT, please visit

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About AGL Technology

AGL Technology provides Sensor / Cloud / AI solution innovation from ideation through delivery -- providing "The Voice Behind Things That Move®." AGL's advanced cognitive solutions use acoustic, video and movement sensors.

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