"Aging Healthy" by Kimmy Nelson

The new book "Aging Healthy" by Kimmy Nelson offers useful information to seniors about programs and services designed specifically to help retired people, senior citizens and the elderly. Other helpful tips on reversing a few types of incontinence, website information on arthritis, medicare and aging care. And real interviews of senior citizens.

"Aging Healthy" by Kimmy Nelson offers general information about programs and health as related to senior citizens age 65 and older.  There are five personal interviews from 3 different age groups, there is also information about programs that have been found very helpful to the successful strategies of living independent long after retirement age of 65. 

"Aging Healthy"also offers a few article review of some senior health programs that have been found to be beneficial.  "Aging Healthy" book also talks about health issues like Alzheimer's Disease, Urine incontinence and Fecal Incontinence cures from the Kegel Exercises.  And it teaches which type of Urine Incontinence is reversible with Kegel Exercises. 

"Aging Healthy" book also lists some websites that were evaluated to see how useful they were to helping seniors accomplish their goals and how easy or stress reducing the webpages are.  

"Aging Healthy" also gives a link to the youtube video of a man who was placed in longterm care as a "Ghost boy" or coma and was thought to have been dumb to his surroundings.  When he came out of the coma he tells what he witnessed at every single day care, longterm care and nursing home that he was placed in.