Agilence Delivers an Average 3318% Annual Return on Investment for Customers

Drive Research Finds Loss Prevention Analytics Investments with Agilence are Paid Back in 38 Days on Average

Drive Research today published a report that finds Agilence, the leader in Loss Prevention Analytics, delivers an average of 3318% Return on Investment (ROI) for its customers, with an average payback period of 38 days. 

"Reducing loss is an ongoing struggle for retail and restaurant brands," says Agilence CEO Russ Hawkins. "But these results are a testament to the quantifiable value we are providing to our customers. They are experiencing benefits extremely quickly and can sustain those results over time."

Drive Research interviewed 10 Agilence customers for their research. Key tangible benefits reported by those customers include:

  • Reduction in preventable losses - Using insights uncovered in Agilence, customers have reduced shrink, fraud, and margin eroding operational issues valued between $100,000 to $18.5 million annually.
  • Reporting and analytics efficiencies - Simplifying reports to reduce analysis and investigation times saves tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
  • Increased sales and promotional effectiveness - Increasing revenue by optimizing upsell strategies, identifying out-of-policy discounts, or fine-tuning promotions for profitability adds tens of thousands of dollars to $6.5 million to the business annually.
  • Improved inventory reporting - Accounting for lost or damaged goods, preventing out-of-stocks, and avoiding waste saves Agilence customers tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
  • Employee performance monitoring - Identifying training opportunities, optimizing processes for efficiency, and identifying instances of employee theft have saved $250,000 - $6.5 million annually.

About Agilence 

Agilence is the leader in loss prevention analytics, helping prominent retail, restaurant, and grocery companies increase their profit margins by reducing preventable loss. Agilence specializes in uniting digital and physical transactions to help innovative loss prevention teams tackle preventable loss in all its forms - in the store, online, and at the corporate office. Every day, Agilence analyzes over 24 million transactions for our customers, transforming data into insights, and insights into actions. 

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Drive Research is a national market research company that designs studies, manages projects, analyzes data, and consults with clients on our findings. We custom build qualitative and quantitative market research for a variety of different industries. Drive Research follows a unique in-house process that enables our clients to make business decisions using evidence and facts. 

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Source: Agilence, Inc.