AGFA HealthCare Welcomes RedSalud Chile to Its Enterprise Imaging Network

AGFA HealthCare Welcomes REDSALUD Chile to its Enterprise Imaging Network!

In our unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge clinical technology in Latin America, we are delighted to announce the partnership with RedSalud for our flagship platform, Enterprise Imaging (EI)

RedSalud, a distinguished private health network, holds a substantial presence in Chile, boasting over 30 medical centers, 40 dental centers, and nine hospitals across the country. With a primary goal of expanding access to quality healthcare throughout the region, RedSalud aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide innovative and transformative solutions.

By harnessing the capabilities of EI, RedSalud will enhance its dedication to patient care by establishing a comprehensive nationwide care network. The integration of state-of-the-art tools, including task management, workflow orchestration and cloud platforms, marks a pivotal step in revolutionizing healthcare in Chile. 

At AGFA HealthCare, we are committed to delivering imaging without barriers, empowering individuals to embrace their utmost potential. The inclusion of RedSalud to #TeamAGFA signifies a significant milestone in our journey towards continuous improvement in health management. This partnership embodies our vision of facilitating a "life in flow" for clinicians, fostering an environment where seamless and efficient healthcare delivery is paramount.   

Daniel de la Maza, CIO for RedSalud, expresses his enthusiasm on the collaboration with AGFA HealthCare:   

“AGFA HealthCare has some of the most modern systems in the world. We hope that this new system will contribute to achieving a better flow throughout the entire imaging process (x-rays, MRIs, scanners, among other procedures), and improve the experience of both the doctor and patients. This system also opens up great potential for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help medical diagnosis.” 

Marcelo Espinoza, Regional Manager for AGFA HealthCare LATAM, underscores the significance of this project being the first Enterprise Imaging/RIS-PACS platform to leverage the customer’s cloud data center in Chile. 

“We worked with RedSalud team for several months to review and define the desired scope for this project – identifying several challenges, such as the implementation of a single imaging platform for Radiology, Dental and other disciplines across national RedSalud sites.”

Commending the excellent teamwork achieved thus far, Espinoza also expresses confidence in the project's success, emphasizing the pivotal role of the project team. He elaborates: 

“The success of this transition and deployment is paramount to maintaining of RedSalud’s clinical and operational processes. AGFA HealthCare looks forward to the exciting opportunities of collaboration and gives a big thanks to RedSalud for choosing the award-winning Enterprise Imaging Platform. A warm welcome to our network!” 

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