AGFA HealthCare and Konimagem to Ignite Radiology Innovations at JPR 2024 in Brazil

Having celebrated 12 months back in the Brazilian market, imaging IT leader AGFA HealthCare will offer the latest enhancements to its award-winning Enterprise Imaging Platform at JPR 2024. As its assignment into the region continues to mature, AGFA HealthCare revels in the success of its re-entry - which is confirmed by the incredible business achievements and feedback from clinical stakeholders from the region. At last year’s event, the “return of EI” was certainly a talking point, and one year forward, AGFA HealthCare affirmed that this decision has enabled significant clinical breakthroughs in Brazil. In a remarkable journey of innovation and collaboration, AGFA HealthCare, alongside its strategic partner Konimagem, is set to redefine the radiology landscape at the upcoming JPR 2024 in Brazil. Celebrating a successful year since our grand return to the Brazilian market, we are thrilled to showcase the latest advancements in our Enterprise Imaging (EI) Platform, an award-winning solution that has been at the forefront of radiological innovation. 

“Our re-entry into Brazil was more than a strategic move; it was a commitment to excellence and a testament to the leadership and innovation inherent in our teams,” said Nathalie McCaughley, President of AGFA HealthCare.  

“The past 12 months have been a whirlwind of breakthroughs, with AGFA HealthCare achieving remarkable business milestones and garnering unparalleled support from clinical stakeholders across the extended LATAM region. The reception at last year’s JPR was a clear indicator of our impactful return to Brazil, and the subsequent success stories steered by our strategic partner Konimagem have only solidified our position as leaders in Imaging IT.”  

The success of the re-entry into Brazil lies largely in AGFA HealthCare’s mission to transform radiology. AGFA HealthCare invests in keeping clinicians in their “flow” by creating an optimal work experience. At JPR 2024, AGFA HealthCare, in collaboration with Konimagem, is excited to introduce the latest enhancements to our Enterprise Imaging (EI) Platform. These advancements are not just upgrades but a revolution in imaging technology - designed to empower radiologists with outstanding efficiency and clinical confidence, enhancing their standards of care delivery. Developed to enable location-agnostic management of images, frictionless near real-time access, hassle-free collaboration and increased confidence in clinical imaging practices, AGFA HealthCare EI offers a secure premise of intelligent workflow orchestration - enabling health systems to tailor the solution to their specific needs and goals - including shared workflows and task distribution to support established and envisaged collaborated hospital networks.  

Visitors to JPR will see the very best AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging solutions; we will unveil innovative approaches, strategic guidance and, especially primed for the event, our latest solution capabilities:  

  • Pixel Streaming: Inspired by gaming technology, this approach enables near real-time image accessibility, fostering seamless collaborative care and Radiologist autonomy wherever they operate from. 
  • Workflow Orchestration: An integrated system that intelligently assigns tasks, maintains workflow continuity, and taps into remote resources, empowering radiologists to remain engaged and efficient. 
  • Augmented Intelligence: Harnessing RUBEE® AI Packages to streamline imaging workflows, boosting productivity, and allowing radiologists and clinicians to focus on what truly matters. 
  • Interoperability: This strategy provides a unified Imaging Health Record, integrating seamlessly with Electronic Health Records, and granting comprehensive patient insights and enhancing decision-making efficiency. 
  • Cloud: Bridging gaps in image management infrastructure, cloud solutions offer secure, scalable, and user-friendly systems - fostering growth without constraints. 
  • Clinical experiences: Beyond a mere solution, Enterprise Imaging presents a unique, interconnected experience. It's not just about the technology and the solutions; it's about forging partnerships that propel healthcare organizations toward their ambitious goals and bring them to success. 

McCaughley shares her insights into the company’s strategic focus on the Brazilian healthcare landscape:   

“In the midst of Brazil's dynamic era of medical advancements and clinical innovation, AGFA HealthCare stands as a pivotal player, ready to amplify and transform these developments for the greater good of the region. That’s why the AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform has been designed to enhance a Radiologist’s flow, eliminating barriers and positioning itself as an extension of their thought process - simultaneously enhancing their efficiency and professional satisfaction.” 

Douglas Livrari, Strategic Business Development for Konimagem, comments on the partnership:  

“The feedback and results that we have witnessed are a testament to the power of our collaboration with AGFA HealthCare. As we prepare for JPR 2024, we are reminded of the significant strides we have made together with the radiology community in Brazil. Our dedication to advancing clinical experiences, and enhancing the radiologists' 'flow’ with the most advanced technology available, is unwavering.” 

As Regional President for Latin America, Silvio Selvaggio underscores the strategic significance of the company’s re-engagement within the Brazilian market:  

“As a global leader in Imaging IT, AGFA HealthCare views Latin America, particularly Brazil, as pivotal to our strategic expansion. Across Latin America, AGFA HealthCare provides services to more than 80 healthcare institutions – and many of those are recognized market leaders. At JPR 2024, we will further strengthen these partnerships, showcasing our dedication to delivering superior imaging solutions and exceptional customer service, thereby reinforcing our leadership position in the Brazilian and wider Latin American markets." 

AGFA HealthCare is set to reinforce its authority in the market at JPR 2024 with a special “lunch and learn” session. Scheduled for May 2 at 14:30, this initiative focuses on the tangible impact of clinical innovation. Entitled “Next-Generation Enterprise Imaging: Ground-breaking Innovations for Peak Clinical Efficiencies,” this session will offer delegates an opportunity to deep-dive into Enterprise Imaging strategies, realize its anchor in modern radiology practice, and witness cutting-edge developments that optimize clinical performance and enhance clinical confidence. Crafted by AGFA HealthCare and Konimagem, the session will also feature insights from local healthcare leaders and imaging specialists. This is an opportunity for attendees to engage with experts and explore the forefront of imaging efficiency. 

We look forward to supporting you to “find your flow” in Sao Paulo. Visit the AGFA Booth #110 at JPR 2024 from May 2-5, 2024. 

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