Agency Vista Lists the Top Marketing and PR Agencies of October 2021

U.S. holiday retail sales in 2021 are predicted to increase 2.7% to $1.093 trillion, with e-commerce accounting for a record 18.9% of all holiday retail sales. With consumers turning to digital, brands will need to make sure that their online marketing and communication strategy is successful in capitalizing on this market.

As brands start to prepare for the busiest time of year, it's necessary to rethink whom they're trusting with both their digital marketing and online communication strategy. Top marketing and PR agencies have developed new tactics and efficiencies to better manage their client's online growth goals. 59% of brands say they have a communications strategy drafted, but only 45% admit to having a documented crisis communications plan (JOTW Communications Survey, 2019). 

Consumers will turn towards online product reviews and social media for support with their purchase decision. Brands will need to have a well-crafted content and communication plan ready to assist buyers through this process. 

Agency Vista's network of over 46,000 qualified marketing agencies in 230 countries can connect brands with the most qualified marketing and PR agencies in the world. The agencies within their network must go through a validation process, so brands can be confident that they are working with a trusted and experienced company. 

Agency Vista has researched, compiled, and verified the thousands of agencies on their network to announce the top marketing and PR agencies of October 2021. The information used to rank these providers includes, but are not limited to: 

  • Client Portfolio
  • Reviews
  • Partnerships
  • Client Size
  • Industry Focus
  • Budget Size
  • And more

The Top Marketing Agencies of October 2021 are:

  1. Exemplifi 
  2. Crafted NY
  3. The Social Robin
  4. Website Depot
  5. CRoche Consulting 
  6. Ocreative
  7. Spark Social Agency
  8. Fullestop 
  9. Ballistic Media Group
  10. RNO1

The Top Public Relations Agencies of October 2021 are:

  1. Mind Meld PR
  2. Ballistic Media Group
  3. Balzac Communications
  4. Brenton Way
  5. Ascendant Group 
  6. The Ehrhardt Group
  7. Black Door Creative
  8. Daniel James Consulting
  9. The Wagner Agency 
  10. OIC Digital 

Agency Vista's Find Agency feature will automatically match you with top marketing agencies, or use their Agency Search, where you can browse and compare thousands of marketing agencies on your own.

If you are a marketing agency, Agency Vista's upgraded plans can take your marketing efforts to the next level without taking time away from your clients. 

Source: Agency Vista

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