Agbotic Climate-Smart Farm Project Achieves Planning Approval in Ireland

Robotic SmartFarm Technology Advances in Europe

Agbotic Smart Farm

Agbotic Inc. and its European subsidiary Agbotic Limited based in Dublin, Ireland, announced today the completion of planning approval for their first European SmartFarm.

Richard Kennedy, CEO of Belfast-based Devenish, Chair of InterTradeIreland, and Director of Agbotic Europe, said, "We are quite pleased by the approval of our plans by County Sligo to build the first Agbotic SmartFarm in Europe here in Co Sligo. The Agbotic technology represents a world-leading model for automated, carbon-smart farming. We are looking forward to demonstrating how this model can make high-quality, carbon-negative, year-round, local food in a manner that meaningfully addresses climate change."

John Gaus, CEO at Agbotic, commented, "Circumstances around the world and especially over the past 24 months remind us of the importance of food security. We are excited about the progress of our European team. The proprietary Agbotic tech stack currently achieves industry-leading production economics as it cleans the air, water and soil where we farm. Our team members in Europe are outstanding executives, farmers and engineers. They will run a highly successful commercial operation as well as conduct R&D in Ireland to extend our tech stack to more plant types, inside and outside; with greater resource efficiency; higher levels of precision and automation; and with a deep learning model."

About Agbotic

Agbotic builds highly differentiated farm automation and greenhouse technology for distributed, organic farming. The company's proprietary technology for soil agriculture can grow more crop types than typical hydroponic greenhouses and does so without the use of synthetic (Haber-Bosch) nitrogen fertilizers used in most hydroponic operations. Agbotic grows crops without the use of chemicals; with 90% less water; and utilizes a deep data learning model. Crops grown with Agbotic technology in the United States are certified organic by the USDA and the Real Organic Project. The Company operates its first SmartFarm in Sackets Harbor, NY, and sells fresh produce across New York State and into New England under its GoodHealthy® brand. The Company is expanding in North America and Europe.


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