Agard Union Trading Broadens Its ESG Strategies to Meet Growing Demand

Financial services company Agard Union Trading has committed to its environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies by incorporating new sustainable investment opportunities.

Agard Union Trading announced today that it would deploy a broader range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies to meet the rising demand for more sustainable investments.

Sustainable investments allow individuals to invest in companies that prioritize making a positive impact on the world. From tackling climate change to equal rights and animal welfare, individuals can select investment opportunities that reflect their values while still helping to achieve their long-term financial goals.

"A growing number of our investors are implementing ESG strategies into their investment portfolios to align with their values, setting their expectations for both financial results and societal impact," said Cho Se Hyeong, Chief Executive Officer at Agard Union Trading.

The pace of growth of sustainable investments accelerated in 2021, amid record inflows into ESG funds and an unprecedented number of ESG product launches. As a result, Agard Union Trading will further expand its ESG strategies to meet investor demand, which the company believes stems from investors' heightened social awareness and the fact that ESG investing has now reached critical mass among mainstream investors.

Investors' top motivation for implementing ESG is to ensure assets better represent organizational values, which is now their principal motivation. Aligning assets and values is also a key motivation for fund selectors, second only to client demand.

"We are taking major steps in our journey to become a leading sustainable investment firm," said Michael Woods, Head of Sales & Trading at Agard Union Trading. "For our brokers, it is not always clear what a client means by personal values or whether ESG is just a desire to make a better world or better financial returns. However, moving forward, we are employing more ESG strategies to meet our clients' growing objectives in this global initiative."

Researchers at Agard Union Trading found no single consensus approach to ESG investing. Rather, it will employ multiple techniques with distinct risk-return features, allowing them to customize strategies and address different financial and non-financial objectives.

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