Against the Odds Author C. M. Shaw Unveils the Worthy Captain Series

​Going against the odds stacked against her, author C. M. Shaw recently released “The Worthy Captain” which is the first novel of a four book series. This pleasurable series follows former pirate Captain Edward Fairbury and his crew in their unorthodox undertaking as they sail from port to port in effort to be a light in a darkened world.  Even his crew contains untraditional members, for their times, as they deal with the seven deadly sins and finding their places in their worlds, among other endeavors.  The family-friendly, enjoyable, and enchanting series contains four books: The Worthy Captain, The Worthy Deckhand, The Worthy Admiral, and The Worthy Shipmate: the Prequel, and one won’t want to put them down.

About the Author:

From basketball player to writer, C. M. Shaw’s journey to authorship isn’t the conventional version, but is against the odds.  If truth be told, this native born Omaha, Nebraskan had to bring her high school English grade up to satisfy her first love…Basketball.  The ultimatum was simple: bring the English grade up and continue to play, if not no Basketball.  Consequently, she did and a whole new world opened up, even though she didn’t initially intend to become a writer.   Not even the various obstacles, which she encountered along the way, could stop her as she persevered.  Visit to learn more details.

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