After Zipwhip Shutdown, 1,000+ Businesses Are Adopting Emitrr for Business Text Messaging, as It Integrates with a variety of CRMs and Comes at a Flat Fee/Month

Emitrr is the only Zipwhip alternative that offers two-way integration with a diverse range of current softwares and comes at a flat fee.

Zipwhip Alternative

Emitrr - a text messaging platform that works with 1,000+ local businesses in the healthcare, home service space, today announced the release of their new migration plan for all Zipwhip customers. Emitrr enables businesses not only to communicate via text messaging but also offers complete business automation (reminders, reviews, follow-ups, payments) by integrating with practice management software, dispatching software and other vertical CRMs.

The migration plan is built to help current Zipwhip customers easily migrate over without needing to spend time on migration efforts and, at the same time, keep the lights on for their customers who interact via text as a medium.

Over the last few months, Emitrr had multiple Zipwhip customers come to them in light of Zipwhip's announcement to shut down their business texting software. Based on interaction with customers, the biggest reason why they are choosing Emitrr over other alternatives are:

  1. Easy migration with 24/7 support.
  2. Emitrr offers a flat fee unlike others that charge based on the number of users and text volumes.
  3. Emitrr is the only Zipwhip alternative that solves other business problems like automated review requests, automated reminders, automated follow-ups on no-shows and missed calls, and a lot more by integrating with various current software stacks businesses might be using.
  4. In addition, Emitrr enables customers to continue using their current business lines and does not require them to change these numbers.

Emitrr has kept its pricing realistic (starting at just $149/month with over 1,000+ integrations), and its support team is doing great work in the background so businesses don't have to spend even a minute on the migration, ensuring end customers continue with the same experience as before.

"I am personally offering white glove onboarding to the Zipwhip customers, as I understand that this is critical for them," said Emitrr's CEO and Co-founder, Anmol Oberoi. "Zipwhip users interested in switching to Emitrr and moving beyond texting with a much more powerful tool can write to me directly at, visit or just text/call on 210-941-4696 and we'd be happy to show you what we have to offer."

Source: Emitrr