African Swine Fever and Capsuline Empty Capsules

Capsuline provides proactive solutions for empty capsules manufacturers and customers during times of ASF outbreak.

African Swine Fever (ASF) is an infectious viral disease that is impacting swine. The ASF virus is depleting the pigs and wild boars in Africa, Asia, and parts of Europe. Capsuline supports the health and wellness industry with empty capsules made of 100% bovine source. 

When producing gelatin capsules, using quality raw materials is pivotal. To exceed quality standards, Capsuline’s gelatin capsules are made of only 100 percent pharmaceutical grade bovine hide. Capsuline enforces a strict set of quality standards that include testing of all raw materials, finished products, review of supplier documentation, and identity, confirmatory testing of, and safety specifications.

“Capsuline clients range from companies to the end-consumers who encapsulate at home, all over the world. It is our responsibility to the customer, to provide safe products and ensure their well-being. The quality of raw materials and continuous product improvement are essential to ensuring the production of consistent capsules, to meet Capsuline’s values and the customers’ expectations.”- Johanna Ortiz, Director of E-Commerce.

Most viruses demonstrate some degree of host restriction. The ASF virus is a disease that only affects swine. ASF is not a direct threat to public health; the virus does still warrant major safety concerns. The best method of preventing any ASF concern is selecting a capsule supplier like Capsuline.

Capsuline provides proactive solutions for its customers during times of ASF outbreak. Capsuline is a worldwide leading manufacturer of empty pharmaceutical-grade gelatin capsules. Combining state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, Capsuline has served the Health Nutrition and Wellness industry for more than 15 years.  Capsuline offers a wide range of high-quality gelatin and vegetarian capsules. Whether making supplements at home or manufacturing a finished product for a client, Capsuline has the products needed and the industry experience for success.

About Capsuline Inc: Capsuline is a worldwide leading manufacturer of empty pharmaceutical-grade gelatin capsules. Our empty capsules are manufactured in a cGMP and FDA-approved facility, are BSE-free and are both Kosher Pareve and Halal certified. Visit

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