African Radio Expert David Makuyu, Launches New Internet Gospel Radio Station

Gospel music's newest internet radio station Heaven96 is on air with an exciting and refreshing blend of Shows and Christian content. Established by internet radio expert David Makuyu, Heaven96 launches with an innovative line-up that will include renowned gospel music artists and celebrities.

Heaven96 plays the latest gospel music and draws from diverse genres that reflect Christian society, with special emphasis to the Kingdom of God message.

"We're very proud of Heaven96 Radio and the important contributions it will make to the Christian community," said David Makuyu, Founder of Heaven96. "The gospel music scene hasn't had a broadcast stage like this before. Heaven96 radio will make radio uniquely personal to local listeners."

"We're very proud of Heaven96 Radio and the important contributions it will make to the Christian community. The gospel music scene hasn't had a broadcast stage like this before. Heaven96 radio will make radio uniquely personal to local listeners."

David Makuyu


Heaven96 will establish deep ties to the local music community in various countries around the world and use that to fuel its unique programming format.

"We know that everyone has a different experience of God and that’s what makes the Christian fabric so appealing. Imagine connecting with what God is doing in someone’s life millions of miles away and God using that link to trigger a positive transformation in your life. It goes to show that regardless of blood, tribe, name or color, we are all one big family. That’s the power of internet radio."

Heaven96 will entertain and inform audiences with the best gospel music drawn from a wide variety of eras that reflect true authentic gospel messages centered in the Word of God.

"In our programming format, listeners’ experiences are very important. We will be prominently featuring testimonies from Christians from around the world on our blog page, testimony page and on air. Their message is as powerful as some of our Radio jocks. We have also established a unique Feature called Radio Reporter, where regular Christians from anywhere in the world can report on issues or breaking news in their community. All they have to do is record the audio or take a picture on their phones, upload it to our portal and it goes on air if it passes our editorial standards. Anyone can be a reporter. All content will be edited to fit Station’s overall objective. But it’s features like this that will serve as a positive force in building the creative economy of the global Christian community."

In addition to the music on air, Heaven96 will be participating in many outreach activities like community service, Ministry, Teaching, Prayer marathons, Empowerment expo’s and community concerts.

Heaven96 Radio is committed to providing a forum for local musicians and bands  “through recordings and live, in-studio performances,“ continues Mr. Makuyu, “providing them wide exposure that would not otherwise be available.”

The station will be available to online audiences in the US and UK via an innovative Call to Listen Platform where audiences in USA only need to call 641.552.5821 to listen free of charge.

Such are the innovations that make Heaven96 one of the most refreshing internet gospel radio stations to come along in a long time.

Beyond its broader musical palette, Heaven96 Radio will bring news and information into greater focus for a new audience of Christians searching for relevancy and purpose in a world inundated with a growing apathy towards God. The Station will launch principally as a music station with a limited number of newsbreaks, interviews and special features. While the music itself will always be primary, over time the broadcast schedule will become more complex, with added commentaries, vox pops, reviews, live performances, and other features that will make the station increasingly distinctive and compelling.

"We’ve already made great strides in expanding our listenership. Our US listeners have a choice of listening online or using our Call-To-Listen Phone number 641.552.5821 for free. In the UK, they can call 0330.606.9809 for free. How it works is pretty simple. Call the number and let the station stream on your mobile phone as you work, rest in your house and entertain guests. Either way, we are mobile and interactive.

"It takes talented staff to create this new station, and we're very proud of the people who will bring Heaven96 Radio to our listeners," says David Makuyu. "We've gathered people from around the world and bright new voices in the community to create a unique format and a unique sound."

The Station offers an exciting mix of Shows including its signature Theme Weekends. Starting March 2016, every weekend will follow a certain interesting theme complete with related contests, blog posts and opinion polls.


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