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KB Performance Transmissions is a complete transmission service shop which was started by Brett in Berwick.

KB Performance Transmissions is a complete transmission service shop which was started by Brett in Berwick. He has 20 years of work experience in automatic transmissions. We as a team are highly skilled in dealing with transmission problems of all makes and models. Our shop is equipped with up to date tools and equipment to ensure proper and efficient diagnosis of your vehicle.

In order to cater for a wide variety of clientele, the team has ensured that they are qualified and completely trained in all areas of automatic transmissions. With this, we hold pride in the fact that we do specialize and deal with automatic transmission problems of all makes and models. is run by the team of dedicated, talented individuals with diverse transmission backgrounds, each bringing their own unique skills to the business of transmission service Cranbourne for competitive prices.

Transmission Rebuilds

 In this process we first dismantle all the parts of the transmission unit to its bare core, then thoroughly clean and inspect the whole unit. We then reassemble all the parts in a step-by-step procedure with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), according to the “Factory Blue Print Specifications”. For the added convenience of our customers we stock a wide range of auto transmissions that can be installed in your vehicle as an exchange unit.  We are proud to say that, we are the stockiest of “TCE High Stall Torque Converters”. We don’t make you wait for a long time as we know that your car is your best companion to complete your work in these busy days.

We are suppliers of automatic transmission parts and accessories of branded cars like AUDI, TOYOTA, JAGUAR, HOLDEN, VOLKS WAGEN, CHRYSLER, BENZ, BMW, VOLVO, MAZDA, LAND ROVER, and NISSAN AND SUBARU. In addition to this we also provide many other automatic transmission parts and accessories. For Berwick and nearby customers, KB Performance Transmissions is conveniently located in Berwick. For hot rod and street car enthusiasts further afield, talk to Brett and he will help you determine exactly what you need and want. Please visit our website  for other details.

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