Affordable Medical Transportation in Dallas Helps Patients Keep Their Medical Appointments

Patients now don't have to miss out on their medical appointments in the absence of transportation. Affordable medical transportation in Dallas is available from one company that has helped patients to a great extent.

​Studies have shown that nearly 3.6 million Americans miss or delay medical care due to the lack or absence of appropriate transportation to keep the appointments. A large population of the Americans does not have the income enough to afford a working automobile and also might not have the public transit options to get to and from the medical appointments. Patients with chronic conditions that includes asthma, cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more are in need of medical services frequently. Catering to such patients and all non-emergency medical conditions is Amera Solutions. The company has been a premier provider of medical transportation in Dallas and has been providing patients with affordable medical transportation. The expense is one of the major reasons why a large number of patients drop their medical appointments. Amera Solutions ensures that they help patients keep their appointments on time.

Distance is not a matter of concern as Amera Solutions offers both local and long distance medical transportation services. With the cost of Medical Transportation  as low as $15 One-Way, there is no reason why one should not choose Amera Solutions. They also keep in mind the need of the patients and try to make arrangements accordingly. Whether one needs a sedan, wheelchair van or air ambulance in Dallas, they will be able to provide all and that too on time.

Get more details on their medical transportation in Dallas at or one can call 281-872-6400 or 855-263-7215.

About The Company

Amera Solutions is the premier provider of non emergency medical transportation in Houston for those in need of medical coordination. They offer medical transport services for people located throughout Houston, San Antonio, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area of TX.

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About Amera Solutions

Amera Solutions is the fastest growing medical coordination agency providing medical transportation in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas.

Amera Solutions
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