Affiliated Dermatology Connects Its Doctors and Residents to Patients Through New Online Visit Capability

Patients in the Greater Phoenix area gain convenient access to many of practice's dermatology specialists thanks to partnership with Iagnosis, Inc.

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​​​​​Affiliated Dermatology, the largest dermatology group in Arizona and one of the largest in the Southwest, has partnered with the nation’s leading teledermatology-focused platform provider, Iagnosis, Inc., to deliver high-quality, convenient online dermatology visits to patients in the Greater Phoenix area. Thanks to modern telehealth technology, 15 of the practice’s dermatology specialists are now available for online visits.

Affiliated Dermatology’s teledermatology service will also be used to help prepare dermatology residents who come through the practice’s accredited program.

Dr. Richard Averitte, CEO and Managing Partner of Affiliated Dermatology said, “It is very exciting to offer patients in our area greater access to our dermatology specialists through the selection of a quality telehealth solution that meets a high standard of care. This capability allows us to treat more patients and offer our current patients more flexibility in getting they care they need from us. Our specialists and residents always look forward to staying ahead of the curve in delivering proven, modern care practices to the communities we serve.”

Both new and existing patients of Affiliated Dermatology can immediately start to use the online service to conduct an appointment-free visit. An online patient can receive a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan for any of 3,000-plus medical conditions affecting the skin, hair, or nails.

To use the service, patients simply visit to start an online visit, or they can download the new Affiliated Dermatology mobile app from the App Store or on Google Play™.

Here’s how it works:

·       An online dermatology visit guides the patient through several simple steps of creating a profile, collecting medical history and uploading photos of their problem condition. The information is then securely submitted.

·       The patient selects the Affiliated Dermatology care provider they prefer to review their case, and that provider responds with a diagnosis, personalized treatment plan and any prescription orders sent to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. (Patients new to the practice also do a quick video chat with their specialist before receiving the visit concludes.)

·       Online visits are typically completed within 24 hours.

·       When medically necessary, the patient may be referred for an in-office visit.

·       The cost of the online visit is $59.

Parents or guardians can conduct online dermatology visits for children or others in their care.

Affiliated Dermatology’s online visit solution is enabled through a partnership with Iagnosis, the largest provider of a teledermatology-exclusive platform currently used by more than 200 board-certified dermatologists across the U.S. The solution is compliant with HIPAA and HITECH online healthcare information standards for patient data security.

Chief executive officer of Iagnosis, Dave Zynn said, “We are very proud to be selected by Affiliated Dermatology to help them expand their delivery of dermatology care to patients in the Greater Phoenix metro area. We also laud the vision of the practice to allow their dermatology residents to utilize the technology to prepare them for modern developments in practicing medicine, whether that is in person or online through telehealth.”

About Iagnosis

Iagnosis, Inc. is focused on delivering faster healthcare treatment to patients through web-enabled solutions. Its flagship product, DermatologistOnCall®, is best-in-class for helping board-certified dermatologists in the U.S. offer patients convenient 24/7 online and mobile access to affordable, high-quality skin, hair and nail medical care. Iagnosis has been recognized in the industry for its innovation and high patient satisfaction ratings, and the company actively partners with physician practices, health systems, retailers, and other organizations to provide comprehensive and personalized care solutions to patients.

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Source: Iagnosis, Inc.