Law Offices of Clint Curtis & Associates Announce Affidavit 2016 Election Recount in FL, PA, WI and MI

Affidavit recount will verify actual results and locate areas where Russian hacks occurred

The Law Offices of Clint Curtis & Associates, PA, is leading a coalition that will verify the 2016 election results and determine if the election totals were altered to allow for a Trump victory. We are spearheading the Coalition To Protect Our Democracy. The website for this effort is We will need many volunteers and contributions to make this happen. The recount laws were written by politicians so as to prevent the citizens from examining the ballots. The voters cannot ensure their vote is counted correctly. The actual votes of the voters can be confirmed in spite of such restrictions. We will be conducting this verification by personally contacting the voters in selected precincts and securing affidavits from them regarding how they voted. Russian hackers may have been able to alter the vote totals on computers, but they will not be able to alter the actual voters.

With the data gathered in this effort, we will be able to determine if the election totals were altered and provide information to national security agencies pinpointing areas of interest. If we can decisively prove that the election results were altered, the patriotic citizens of this country from all parties will require a new election and roll back any Trump actions. Additionally, we will be able to pinpoint where the hacks occurred so that law enforcement can target their investigations. For additional information please contact Clint Curtis at 407-384-3120 or To volunteer or contribute visit

Clint Curtis is the computer programmer who testified before Congress in 2004 about the efforts by a prominent politician to produce a computer program that could alter election results in electronic voting equipment and leave no trace of the alteration. Subsequently, Mr. Curtis has become an attorney and an authority on electronic voting system security. He has assisted many organizations, both in the United States and internationally, in their efforts to prevent electronic election fraud. His law firm, Clint Curtis & Associates, is at the forefront in the field of election security.

Additionally, we will be interested in accepting embedded reporters when the affidavit verification process begins.

Source: Coalition To Protect Our Democracy


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