Aery Aviation, LLC Acquires an Additional 12 Learjet Special Mission Aircraft

Aery's Special Mission Fleet Grows to 26

Aery Aviation, LLC has acquired an additional 12 Learjet special mission aircraft (SMA), increasing its SM fleet to 26. Aery also acquired millions of dollars of support equipment and spare parts inventory. The ancillary equipment and parts will enhance Aery's global logistics and maintenance support of the fleet and fulfilling its strategic vision of multiple operating bases in the U.S. and planned growth next year to several international bases. With this acquisition, Aery is now the largest Learjet SMA fleet in the world, serving DoD, foreign governments, and commercial customers.

Aery plans to grow the services as well as locations with its fleet to SM medical operations, lidar mapping, atmospheric measuring, EO/IR ISR operations, and more. These new services are in addition to its existing SM medical, banner/target tow (TBT) operations, and a variety of radar/electronic warfare (EW) and stand off jamming (SOJ) training and fleet operations. Aery anticipates flying over 5,000 flight hours and expanding to nearly 7,000 flight hours annualized flight hours by the end of 2022. Aery is the operator of one of the largest contractor air services (CAS) contracts for the United States Navy and also operates a global flight operations program for one of the largest global hospital networks in the world. A new facility being constructed at Aery's headquarters in Newport News, VA will become the fleet heavy maintenance base of operations.

Aery's Special Mission fleet has grown to support, in part, its U.S. Navy HEEWJ contract. Aery is completing intense design, engineering, modification, testing, and certification iterations on three models of Learjet as well as Gulfstream IV at its corporate headquarters facilities. Aery's HEEWJ Program Chief Pilot, Hunter Hobson noted, "[T]he fully modified aircraft will provide the Navy with next-generation services including SOJ, EW, and TBT, flying CONUS and OCONUS." Aery will be certifying over a dozen FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) baseline and configuration changes for wing hardpoints, radomes, and a variety of mission critical systems. 

"These aircraft are used to simulate a wide variety of airborne threats to train and test/evaluate shipboard and aircraft squadron weapon systems, operators, and aircrew on how to counter potential enemy Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Attack (EA) operations in today's Electronic Combat (EC) environment. This support is provided in a variety of venues, from basic 'schoolhouse' Air Intercept Control (AIC) training, to large multinational exercises and small, single unit training exercises, including target/banner tow missions," commented Larry Hecht, Aery's Director of Flight Operations.

Aery's design, build, fly approach provides customers with on time, on budget, and on performance deliveries. Aery is a small company that incorporates ISO9001/AS9100D compliance functions and FAA Part 135 certified flight operations meeting all FAA regulations for an approved Air Carrier authorized to operate a multitude of aircraft under worldwide operations, along with FAA DER and DAR. For more information, please contact Heather McAfee

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