Aeroxchange & Pentagon 2000 Software Align to Improve MRO Business-to-Business Transaction Flows

Aeroxchange Ltd, aviation's leading business process network, and Pentagon 2000 Software Inc, leading vendor of enterprise software systems for aviation & defense firms, announce a partnership to automate both spare parts and repair collaboration between airlines and suppliers.

Aeroxchange, the leading business process network focused on aviation, and Pentagon 2000 Software, developer of the Pentagon 2000SQL system, have partnered to offer MRO suppliers the ability to seamlessly conduct transactions across the Aeroxchange network and support direct ERP electronic collaboration with over 40 global airlines. The system-to-system connection enables efficient and error free collaboration on purchase-to-pay and repair management processes.

“Delta has been a longtime proponent of increasing automation in the aviation industry,” said David Ford, General Manager - Supply Chain Management Technology & Reporting for Delta Air Lines. “While the industry has done a great job automating spare parts, collaborating on repairs remains a manually intensive process. This is a significant step forward in the automation journey and will make collaboration much easier for our suppliers running Pentagon.”

The new Pentagon 2000SQL direct interfaces for AeroRepair® and AeroBuy® will offer Pentagon customers on the Aeroxchange network a solution to respond to RFQs, acknowledge purchase and repair orders, send and receive shipment notifications, provide status updates and submit invoices to 40 global airlines without ever leaving their Pentagon systems. The Pentagon integration will help users reduce costs, improve service and grow revenues.

“We focus on what our customers need and we keep informed about market trends, so it is an easy decision for us to make the investment to add direct interfaces for Aeroxchange into our system." said Kirk Baugher, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Pentagon 2000 Software. “Aeroxchange has gained increasingly broad acceptance in the marketplace, so providing automated direct interfaces that connect Pentagon customers to the world’s leading airlines creates value and a competitive advantage for our customers. Airlines and other buyers on the Aeroxchange network gain efficiency as the transaction flow of their suppliers move onto the Aeroxchange network.”

AeroRepair® is a complete repair order management and tracking system that increases business efficiency with full visibility to the entire repair order lifecycle. The widely adopted AeroBuy® solution automates the entire purchase order process and allows sellers to connect to any buyer that is SPEC2000 compliant, regardless of membership status on Aeroxchange.

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Aeroxchange is the only electronic business network that supports all MRO business processes within the aviation industry for buyer and sellers. Aeroxchange provides a complete lifecycle of electronic communication from order creation to final invoice. The Aeroxchange service accelerates repair, replenishment, sourcing, inventory pooling, exchanges and other critical operations in the aviation supply chain.

Aeroxchange automates the exchange of documents and information for commercial transactions. Our electronic platform dramatically reduces manual activity for transaction processed by fax, telephone and email, and increases the accuracy and timeliness of information and document exchange.

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Pentagon 2000 Software, Inc. is the leading supplier of fully integrated enterprise software systems in the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics industries. Pentagon 2000 develops, licenses and supports Pentagon 2000SQL, a state of the art, fully-integrated software system that conforms to the unique business processes, quality assurance systems and regulatory requirements found in the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics Industries. For more information about Pentagon 2000SQL, contact: