AeroGuard Flight Training Center Receives FAA Diamond Award for Fourth Consecutive Year

AeroGuard Pilot Program Students

AeroGuard Flight Training Center has again been honored by the FAA, receiving the AMT Diamond Award program for 2021, its fourth consecutive year, further securing its place as one of the top pilot training schools in the U.S.

The nationwide flight school with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, is the recipient of the FAA Award of Excellence for its commitment to aircraft maintenance, safety, and regulatory compliance. At a time when airlines are eagerly hiring pilots in large amount to keep up with the post-pandemic travel recovery, AeroGuard understands the importance of focusing on safety and quality that will help its students gain long and successful careers.

AeroGuard's goal in the flight training industry is to "Set a Higher Standard" for its students, going beyond competitors in the industry, and this award is proof of just that. The Diamond Award requires that 100% of all mechanics, repair staff and technicians earn the AMT Certificate of Training in 2021, surpassing the FAA regulatory requirements with additional education in specialized components. 

The team of 40+ technicians expertly maintains a fleet of over 70 aircraft in order to accommodate hundreds of pilot program graduates each year across its four U.S. campus locations by working around the clock to meet the needs of a growing student population. 

Shawn Rockey, Director of Maintenance, credits the maintenance team's resilience and professionalism during a turbulent year of enhanced safety protocols by noting, "The FAA Diamond award is evidence that our maintenance team demonstrates the highest caliber of integrity and dedication to safety possible. The AeroGuard team continually goes the extra mile to serve our students, including availability of aircraft to keep their training on track."

Safety is the highest priority in the aviation industry and, with so many student pilots passing through the doors each year, AeroGuard is leading the way to success by investing in its maintenance personnel, who ensure the fleet is flight-ready for students to quickly progress through their training.

Participation in the AMT Award program is voluntary and not required by the FAA or any governing bodies, but AeroGuard sees it as a standard operating procedure, with CEO Joel Davidson adding, "We have a duty to our students to provide exceptional training in the safest, most responsible manner possible. Each student's success is determined by our ability to maintain our aircraft quickly and safely for daily operations. We are proud to be recognized once again for our commitment to excellence. "

With the ongoing shortage of trained commercial pilots, major airlines are rapidly hiring cadets and this rate of training increases graduation speed to give students a head start on a path to a very lucrative career. 

AeroGuard's Pilot Pathway Program, now available in Austin, Texas, is offered in partnership with SkyWest Airlines, which also provides a tuition reimbursement incentive to its graduates. 

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Source: AeroGuard Flight Training Center

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