AEF Electric Floating Board for Water Entertainment Now Available From FZBlue

A-type Electric Float

For people who like water sports, the new A-type Electric Float (AEF) from Shenzhen FZBlue Technology, a leading technology provider of water entertainment products, marine rescue facilities and unmanned waterborne systems, is now available at

The electric bodyboard gives water sports lovers another choice besides the traditional surfboard, sea scooter, motorboat, etc. AEF can be operated easily by holding the handles and controlling the buttons, allowing the operator to enjoy relaxed floating or riding through the waves at varying speeds.

AEF, with its unique built-in power system, was designed in an "A" shape to take advantage of optimal boat fluid mechanics and an ergonomic design. The maximum speed can be up to 3-4 times that of the swimming speed of ordinary swimmers. The directions are controlled easily by pressing the buttons, while the operating speed is controlled by changing the gears. Fully charged, AEF has a maximum play time of 90 minutes.

Shenzhen FZBlue Technology Co. Ltd. designed AEF with a strong-power brushless ESC motor integrated with twining and sand prevention, waterproofing and heat dissipation. Soft silicone material applied to the head of AEF provides added collision protection. The highlighted LED display is visible under bright light and is easy to figure out. There is 360-degree direction control along with six speed levels. FZBlue also added skin-friendly material to help prevent accidental slipping as well as an emergency shutdown feature.

Some equipment for other water sports can cost up to USD 10,000 or more. AEF is not only fun but it's also affordable at around USD 550-600 and is proving to be quite popular with water sports enthusiasts. Bring some AEFs and some friends to the beach or the lake and enjoy the electric floating board from FZBlue. Customized colors and models available.

Contact Information:
Contact person: Lucio Pan
Tel: +86-0755-86968648

Source: Shenzhen FZBlue Technology Co. Ltd.


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