Advocates Unite to Announce Women's Empowerment Month, Four Weeks Dedicated to Helping Women Achieve Their Dreams

Women's Empowerment Month

In just a few short weeks, the historic first-ever Women’s Empowerment Month begins, a 4 week period of increased awareness and activities to support the effort for women’s empowerment. By providing resources, engaging with a community of contributors, and collaborating on events, you can be a part of this effort to support all women through our non-partisan, inclusive portal where we will collect and share information to help women engage with the movement.

Sponsored by leading corporations and individuals, Women’s Empowerment Month will activate a network of partners and allies to raise awareness for Women’s Empowerment and the We are for WE campaign. Beginning April 1st, Women’s Empowerment Month will span four weeks, each dedicated to an aspect of women’s lives: Education, Health, Safety, and Opportunities.

Women’s Empowerment Month is scheduled for April, following behind Women’s History Month in March. Women’s History Month will utilize this symbolic connection, by building our shared future with a keen understanding of our past.

Anyone can participate in Women’s Empowerment Month by: Becoming a Sponsor, putting your organization front and center as a supporter of women’s empowerment; Becoming a Partner, a small business owner who believes in the cause and works towards empowerment through their company; as a Contributor, providing information or organization on the topics that comprise Women’s Empowerment Month; or simply as a participant - learning, growing, and sharing on your journey to empowerment.

You can share information about WEM by adding our posts to your social media. Simply download our Social Media Kit and share the messages that you believe in.

For an up-to-date listing of resources and activities, check back to the Women’s Empowerment Month website, as additional information will be added as we reach the beginning of the month.

Women across the United States are becoming more vocal about their rights and are sharing their voices.


Women’s Empowerment Month is a public awareness campaign designed to build and engage a network of businesses and individuals who believe in supporting the women in their lives through the sharing of information and resources to enable those women to reach their goals and dreams. Women’s Empowerment Month is designed to provide a single, accessible portal for the sharing of that information free from the distractions of particular political candidates or parties, and with the intention of helping the women who participate, rather than selling them on a product.

By unifying our efforts, by remaining focused on the goal of women’s empowerment, and by truly coming together as a community, we can accomplish our goals. Support Women’s Empowerment Month by visiting our website and learning more, and by using the social media hastags #WomensEmpowermentMonth and #WeAreForWE.

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