Advocate, Storyteller and Creator of National Mental Health Movement #IfYouCouldSeeMe Erin Mahone Brings Her New Podcast to Mental Health News Radio Network

#IfYouCouldSeeMe, hosted by Erin Mahone

Advocate and creative Erin Mahone drew on her personal and family experience of mental illness to create #IfYouCouldSeeMe a national platform for people with mental health and related diagnoses to connect, share and inspire. Through storytelling, music, writing and the performing arts Mahone invites them to start conversations about their unique experiences. She aims to facilitate frank and open dialogues that allow participants – and listeners – to feel connected, heard, seen and valued. The #IfYouCouldSeeMe project includes an open submission blog, live storytelling events and workshops, a photographic exhibition and, now, the #IfYouCouldSeeMe podcast on Mental Health News Radio Network. In keeping with the Network’s mission, Mahone’s podcast aims to reduce stigma surrounding mental health through compassionate, humorous and real-life exchanges with regular guests.

Each episode of #IfYouCouldSeeMe, airs features a guest sharing his or her experience of living with mental health and related challenges. Recent guests include a library manager and advocate for the Latinx community, an entrepreneur and an award-winning tattoo artist and nonprofit founder. This diverse range demonstrates not only how mental health concerns affect all sectors of society but also how we all have the power to make a difference to our communities through all forms of creative expression.

Mahone said, “I am committed to helping people get comfortable with conversations around mental health and related issues. It is my belief that stigma is eliminated by normalizing these issues and making them as common as health and wellness. Mental health is health. I believe in the power of storytelling, creativity, music, and other creative modalities to heal, empower, and educate. Being a creative person has saved me from myself over and over again.”

The #IfYouCouldSeeMe podcast is now available on Stitcher, Spreaker, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts, or via Mental Health News Radio Network.

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