AdvisorVault's 17a-4 Compliant WorkSpace Chosen by Allegiance Advisors

Now Small FINRA firms have a sure way to make Office 365 17a-4 Compliant

AdvisorVault's Compliant WorkSpace helps FINRA firms reduce the cost of technology and compliance by moving them to the Microsoft Cloud.

"Allegiance's technology was honestly a mess, they surely had to do something, and fast," said Allan Lonz, President of AdvisorVault. "They came to us because they had a mish-mash of systems: they were running an in-house server which was end-of-life and surely needed to be patched and secured, their email system wasn't being archived as per 17a-4 and they had electronic records scattered all over the place; they were headed for disaster if FINRA decided to show up for an audit. Consolidating everything with AdvisorVault was the answer for them moving forward," Lonz added.

Office 365 Archived for 17a-4 Compliance:

The AdvisorVault 17a-4 Compliant WorkSpace is the only option for small FINRA firms who need to move their entire office to the Microsoft Office 365 and make sure FINRA is happy, since all applications are archive and retained for compliance, this includes:

  • Microsoft Exchange email with advanced spam filtering, security, and reliability
  • OneDrive/SharePoint for centralized data storage and sharing
  • Teams for video conferencing and collaboration
  • Connections for third party apps such as Slack, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instant Bloomberg, Salesforce and Zoom

"We chose the AdvisorVault's 17a-4 Compliant WorkSpace because it was the only cloud option suited for us to move forward and consolidate our technology with Office 365 and feel secure we wouldn't have a problem with FINRA," said Roger Woodworth, CCO of Allegiance. "Best of all, everyone was instantly more efficient since email, storage and communication was now in the cloud," Roger added.

More importantly, since AdvisorVault is an authorized FINRA vendor, the Compliant WorkSpace includes the 17a-4 D3P service, with the two required third-party downloader letters, eDiscovery and expert advice and guidance to ensure firms move their office to the cloud compliantly. In addition, AdvisorVault takes care of the transition to the cloud with email domain setup and migration to Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint configuration.

About AdvisorVault:

AdvisorVault is unique since we are a FINRA D3P that offers small FINRA firms a consolidated option to meet the demands of rule 17a-4. Our turn-key product includes everything needed to archive, retain, and supervise electronic records and emails, no matter where they are stored - in-house or in the cloud: AdvisorVault complete data compliance peace of mind, out-of-the-box.

About Allegiance Advisors:

Allegiance is a FINRA-registered Broker-Dealer in Jacksonville, FL. Founded in 1997 and run by seasoned investment bankers and serial entrepreneurs, their goal is to create an investment bank that provides middle-market companies with the same level of senior financial and analytical expertise that, traditionally, only larger corporations had access to.

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