ADVISA Expands to Include Virtual Leadership Development

Launching the ADVISA Emerging Leader Series and the ADVISA Virtual Leadership Academy, tailored to Millennials and seasoned leaders


ADVISA, a leadership development consultancy located in the heart of the Carmel, Indiana Arts & Design District, announces its expansion into virtual leadership development this week, launching two new programs — the ADVISA Emerging Leader Series and the ADVISA Virtual Leadership Academy — to meet demand for virtual development programs that accelerate the speed and impact of scalable learning. 

The ADVISA Emerging Leader Series is designed for Millennials, who are high-performing individual contributors early in their career journey, and who want to learn about management as a possible springboard to their first leadership role. This series is cohort-based: 6-8 participants per group with 6 months of weekly touchpoints, and 100 percent virtual. Topics will include self-awareness, teams, personal accountability, communication, conflict and change.

Deloitte’s 2016 Millennial Survey (which collected views from 7,700 Millennials in 29 countries), revealed 63 percent of Millennials believe their leadership skills are not being fully developed, and yet the primary driver for Millennials when evaluating job opportunities is the ability to progress and take on leadership roles. (Inc., Ryan Jenkins).

“Learning is a social process,” says Dr. Fredricka Joyner, PH.D., principal designer and facilitator of ADVISA’s leadership and organizational development curricula. “And we know that development is a process and not an event. That’s why these virtual offerings take place in a continuum, and couple individual and team learning from the convenience of where they are.”

An early adopter of virtual teaching and learning, Dr. Joyner built and taught virtual and blended learning courses for ten years while on faculty at Indiana University, receiving extensive recognition for her work. She is an adept communicator and fosters a sense of true community among online participants which helps to develop a level of trust that is essential for effective learning.

The ADVISA Virtual Leadership Academy is a virtual alternative to the popular in-person ADVISA Leadership Academy (ALA). The virtual academy uses multiple learning formats to help leaders transform new knowledge into sustainable behavior change and enhanced business results — integrating in-person learning experiences with the convenience of remote online sessions.

This series is ideal for seasoned leaders who want to continue their development journey from the comfort of their office, and who want to save the time and expense of travel. Participants can expect 10 synchronous, 90-min virtual Active Learning Sessions, with the support of a mobile app that reinforces goal-setting and behavior change.

The series includes a deep dive into the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ as a leadership tool and an introduction to the EQ-i 2.0® emotional intelligence assessment.

According to the 2016 Harvard Business Publishing Leadership Development survey of L&D professionals and Business-Line managers, middle management believes virtual classrooms are one of the more effective tools for developing new leaders.

“ADVISA is committed to making it easier for leaders in dispersed geographies to connect with each other, learn through a variety of formats, and in a way that accommodates their busy schedules,” says Heather Haas, President, ADVISA. “With aging Boomers, middle managers not ready to step into leadership roles, and five generations working side-by-side, leadership development is no longer nice to have — it’s imperative to business growth.”

For more information or to find out how to take part in these virtual offerings, visit or contact ADVISA.

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About ADVISA: As a leadership consultancy headquartered in the heart of the Carmel, Indiana Arts & Design District, ADVISA exists to improve the world one leader at a time — helping businesses create vibrant work cultures filled with engaged, highly productive people who make their communities better places.

Through both the meaningful use of data, and integrated human insight for optimal leadership and organizational development, ADVISA provides assessments (behavioral, emotional, cognitive, employee engagement, sales skills, & 360s); management and sales skills training and leadership academies; as well as strategic consulting and executive coaching. These tools help clients improve hiring, leadership development, employee engagement and sales growth.

ADVISA is a proud Certified Partner of The Predictive Index® system, a global, scientifically-validated, assessment software and management training platform that helps leaders understand and develop their people for business success. 

The diverse team teaches leaders at all levels, and across all industries, how to effectively engage and develop their people for improved business results.

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