Advicement: A New Way to Invest for South Africans Has Launched

​​​​​​Advicement, a cutting-edge alternative to the traditional ways that South Africans save and invest has launched. The innovative company aims to bring sound financial advice to all South Africans through the power of technology.

Advicement is a locally developed Robo Advisor which offers its clients exciting investment portfolios of JSE listed ETFs. Advicement was bootstrapped into existence two years ago by Igor Rodionov, who previously worked as a quantitative analyst. “My thinking about a local Robo Advisor started when family and friends kept asking about their investment options. This prompted some research that showed there were massive issues when it comes to service fees and transparency amongst traditional ‘face-to-face’ financial advisors.”

“Unsatisfied with the available options in the market, the idea behind Advicement was born. The aim was to create an online platform that puts investors first — by making financial advice accessible, cost-effective and transparent,” says Advicement’s managing director, Igor Rodionov.

To utilise the Advicement investment process, all one needs to do is answer a quick questionnaire about their savings preferences — with a succinct description of their financial goals. “Advicement will analyse your answers and recommend an investment portfolio with an appropriate risk level given your situation. This is done using an interactive dashboard that is supplemented with a wealth of information,” Rodionov says.

Once a client has studied their generated investment report and they are satisfied with the selected investment portfolio, they can then proceed and open an Easy Equities account. “Easy Equities is a retail stock broker and our sole execution partner, meaning that you will need to have an account with them to invest with Advicement,” he adds.

Choosing Easy Equities was a no-brainer for Rodionov, as they have over 50000 users and provide one of the most cost-effective brokerage services in the country. Advicement will appeal to South Africans who prefer the passive investment approach, with its low fees.

Such investors are growing fast overseas. In May 2017, Financial Times reported that the size of the passive market (globally) has reached USD 4 trillion, while experts believe passive funds will reach 50 percent of the size of active funds in 2018. This strong growth has not been realised in South Africa just yet, which is still largely dominated by active funds, some of which are very expensive by comparison. Advicement aims to change this and give South Africans an alternative, cost-effective way to invest.

For more information, or for any questions, please contact:

Igor Rodionov

Source: Advicement

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Advicement is an online financial advisor which provides an automated investing service in South Africa. Advicement offers unbiased, transparent and efficient advice through our state of the art online platform.