Advice from Pimnara Nara Thunyathada, Architect Turned Branding and Web Designer from Narathada Studio, During Pandemic Tech Age

In 2021, approximately 150,000 physical stores were wiped out from the market despite covid subsidence. Online shopping becomes the new normal and will continue to be the next normal for all generations. With millions of online businesses in the market, it is hard to grasp for customers' attention and keep them interested on your site. This passion for growth is inevitably what led to Nara's career in web design—to help brands and individuals build online experiences that will capture audiences and win today's market.

In 2015, Nara started her branding studio called "Narathada" under her belief that "For every problem, there will be an opportunity." Her portfolio is filled with research, strategy and design across diverse industries. Ideal Smiles Dental website is one of many successful projects Nara has worked on. With her strategy on impactful call-to-actions and user experience design, the private practice's website garnered over 150%+ growth in website traffic (over 20x more in new patients when compared to industry standard). 

Ideal Smiles was one of many physical businesses that got affected severely by state-mandated shutdowns and decline in foot traffic during 2020. Integrating both physical and digital platforms is the best way for Ideal Smiles to build relationships with customers before they can provide an actual service. After pandemic regulations loosened up in early 2021, Ideal Smiles was able to fully operate with social distancing protocols. The great customer relationship management tools we implemented onto the website resulted in booked schedules and better patient communication capabilities. 

"Market research, customer relationship management and user-friendly interface design are the main keys to win the e-commerce game by keeping every customer satisfied," Nara said. By branding Ideal Smiles as "a female and bilingual dentist," we are providing easy access to different languages through intuitive interface design. Text enlargement is implemented to best serve the boomer generation, while moderately modern design attracts millennial patients. The live chat feature was designed to be easy to use in both computer and mobile web browsers to ensure that all patient's needs are heard and answered. Zendesk's study shows that 92% of customers are satisfied with live chat compared to email or calls because it provides instant customer support when it is needed most. After conducting user testing with strategic design, participants rated live support as one of their most favorite features; brand loyalty increases by 3 times, and growth in ROI increases by 2.5 times. 

"To survive the next normal tech age, shops must move to online platforms to satisfy customers. We must focus on reaching out to customers through all means," Nara said. The key to success is to conduct marketing and brand strategy research, analyze the data to generate purposeful insights that drive design. This will lead to beautiful and functional interface designs that answer customers' needs and provide a great customer experience during this pandemic tech age.

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