Advice Blogger Announces Refreshing Website That Focuses Closely On Human Behavior And Questionable Personal Ethics

Washington D.C.-based advice blog, announces an innovative website that lends comedic relief and focuses study on questionable human behavior and ethics based on factoring influences. offers blithe words of wisdom to a growing population of internet users and wittingly studies controversial human behavior exhibited by persons influenced by culture, attitudes, emotions, values and environment. The site engages persons of all backgrounds in anomalous settings and provides alternative solutions to given choice topics, including but not limited to areas such as Dating & Relationships, Office Humor and astrology spoofs, formally introduced as Hottywood's HORRORscopes.

" is a springboard of a new era of blogger-reader interaction as it extends to subscribed readers an opportunity to communicate with the [Hottywood Helps] blog writer personally and directly." says Vice President, MDM Associates Event Planning Services, Dee McCoy. "Hottywood Helps gives me a welcomed respite from the humdrum of every day, whether it is an effervescent blog or a witty off-the-cuff quote. I have come to expect and accept the unexpected willingly and happily." McCoy adds.

Features of invite readers to receive one-on-one electronic consultation; a facetiously impertinent "Don't Shoot the Messenger" E-Cards service; and also bridges a literary cross-cultural gap through a host of writing contests, boasting winners as featured guest writers on the [] blog site.

The premise of the site lays a free-spirited foundation for the release of its self-entitled internet-based teleseries which tells an untold story of the behind-the-scene truths of office politics and water cooler scandals, channeling the same witty anecdote that the advice blog offers its daily readers. With the 2011 release of the Hottywood Helps web-based teleseries, aims to shed a fresh light on the diminutive market of African American screen writers and stand a firm ground on the new medium of web television. was established in 2009 and is designed to offer slapstick advice to the growing population of internet users. It is best known for its blunt truths and comical outlook on given topics relating to every day people who face common day-to-day blunders. Over the last year, has
produced more than 100 articles covering a range of topics.


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