Vandoit Adventure Vans Launches Social Impact Initiative Along With Rebrand as Company Experiences Major Growth

New Vandoit Logo

​​​​Vandoit, an adventure campervan company, announces a rebrand to broaden their reach and further position themselves as an outdoor adventure company with a mission to change lives.

Today they launch:

●  1-for-1 Social Initiative - BUY A VAN. GIVE A BIKE.

●  New logo/design

●  New website

●  “The Adventur’r,” an adventure-based newsletter

About Vandoit

Due to their modular design, efficient building systems, and extreme attention to quality and detail, Vandoit grew explosively to become one of America's largest adventure van companies. Since Vandoit’s conception three years ago, the company has experienced over 300% YOY growth.

“When Vandoit first started, everyone in the market was building what you would consider a traditional campervan; a lot of wood inside, homey, however, not at all functional for the adventurer. We focused on three things: versatility, quality, and durability,” said CEO Brent Kline.

He added, “We want the adventurers who use our vans to be able to reconfigure their vans to suit their current adventure. Many people refer to our vans as the Swiss Army Knife of vans, and we like that comparison.”

New Logo/Design

The most noticeable change will be the Vandoit logo, which retains the retro 70’s vibe. Said Kline, “Our new look stays true to our roots, it’s just not as hippy and more legible on the vans.” 

Social Initiative

Giving back has been a pillar of Vandoit’s culture, which is why Vandoit is becoming a social enterprise. The company is partnering with World Bicycle Relief (WBR) to create a sustainable 1-for-1 model, donating one heavy-duty bicycle for every van sold.

“WBR helps bring sustainable transportation to villages, primarily in Africa, allowing more to access education, healthcare, and work. They have developed an efficient, innovative, and scalable model creating truly life-changing mobility. When a bike is donated, 88% more patient visits are made by healthcare workers, grades improve by 59%, and family income increases by 23%. When we heard about this real impact, we knew it was something we needed to be a part of,” said Jared McCauslin, COO. 

Colin Taylor, Director of Partnerships at WBR added, “at WBR, we are committed to helping people conquer the challenge of distance, achieve independence and thrive. Vandoit shares these core values and puts them into practice. We are proud to partner with them to build awareness, reach diverse audiences, and bring those values to bear in changing thousands of lives through mobility and the Power of Bicycles.” 


With the new logo and design, Vandoit also launches a new fully redesigned website. 

“The Adventur’r” Newsletter

Vandoit is also launching an adventure news-based newsletter, the Adventur’r, which will bring adventure-based information/entertainment straight to the subscriber’s inbox. The Adventur’r will pack a ton of value (adventure tips, stories, pertinent articles, etc.), not just for the van life crowd but also for other outdoor enthusiasts.

Vandoit and WBR photos/logo:

Kaylee Kline

Source: Vandoit Adventure Vans

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