Adventure Travel at a New Level: Alaska and Canada in a Converted School Bus

Infinite Adventures offers a new style of adventure travel by getting outside and enjoying the wilderness, but traveling comfortable in a converted school bus. Trips are between 9 and 58 days in the western USA, Canada and Alaska.

Seeing a bear on your bucket list? Then you should consider Alaska or Canada as your next travel destination and check out the company's website at

Alaska offers fantastic chances to spot grizzly, brown and also black bears. "Travelling the roads less travelled in British Columbia and the Yukon in Canada we saw 16 black bears in two days", says Stuart from London. "This trip should be on everyone's bucket list!" Venturing into the wild in a converted school bus means you have more space and it is more like a “home” for everyone: Bigger windows, spacious seating, viewing platform on the roof, and tables to play cards or write your journals.
You don’t want to go all by yourself and face a bear? Understandably so! Overlanding-style trips offer the right mixture of meeting lots of like-minded people, but having the freedom to make your own choices and being involved in the adventure: You can get the camp fire started yourself if you like to but you can also rely on your tour leaders organizing a bunch of stuff which you don’t want to deal with on your vacation. And you not only get to know the culture of the country you are visiting but befriend like-minded people from all over the world.

The company was founded by Natalie and Dave, a German-American couple with enthusiasm for outdoors and wild animals. "It has been an amazing adventure for us as well, starting the company, remodeling a school bus and leading the trips ourselves seeing bears, moose and snow capped mountains while making new friends from all over the world", so Natalie and Dave.

Infinite Adventures offers adventure and group holidays in Alaska, Canada and the Western USA in a converted school bus. Get the camp fire started, spot bears and moose and canoe down a river.


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Infinite Adventures offers adventure and overlanding style holidays / vacations in the Western USA, Canada and Alaska in a converted school bus. We offer camping and group tours throughout North America.

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