Advantages of Server Virtualization

VPS or virtual private server is a common term heard quite frequently in the world of webhosting. Most of the people mistake it as just another word for shared hosting. Although a physical server has been shared in this method of hosting,

VPS is totally different from shared hosting. Virtualization is a process which will partition a physical server into several segments or servers which will run independently on its own operating system. Thus it makes it possible to develop on a physical server using different operating systems or to consolidate different servers used by different business divisions. This facility is not available when you go with shared hosting. There are several other benefits for virtual private server hosting.

• By consolidating different physical servers using this technology you can reduce the floor space, power consumption and air conditioning costs. Thus VPS is highly profitable in the long run. Even if you have using different operating systems for different servers, consolidation is possible in virtual private servers. Thus you can reduce the total cost of ownership for servers to a great extent.

• In virtual servers you have a special facility called live migration. This will facilitate migration of the virtual server to some other physical servers at any time. This is a great advantage as you can continue with repairing or maintenance of physical servers without shutting it down the website hosted on it. This will ensure continuity for the website.

• At system development sites, different servers are used by different teams of different business divisions. This will naturally increase the number of physical servers. At a point when the servers have to be shared among the team, reconfiguration will consume a lot of time. Virtual private servers will be better in such cases.

• As each virtual private sector runs on individual operating system the level of access to the servers will be higher for the website owners than they can have in shared hosting. Thus they are capable of making necessary up-gradations from time to time more easily.

• When it provides almost all facilities of a dedicated server hosting, it is much cheaper than it. This is another advantage for VPS hosting.

Whatever may be the advantages and disadvantages, the performance is ultimately depend on the technical abilities and the supports provided by the webhosting company. Hence it is important to enquire thoroughly about the service provider before signing the contract.