ADVANCED NANOTECH LAB Has Launched 'HYDRAGUARD PLUS' Antimicrobial Coating Which Can Replace Harmful Disinfectants During COVID-19

Advanced NanoTech Lab, a speciality chemical manufacturer based from India, has developed a Durable Antimicrobial Nano Coating branded as 'Hydraguard Plus' that kills virus, bacteria, and fungi in contact with the coated surface and lasts for 90 days. It is an ISO 18184 certified transparent nano-coating that bonds with any surfaces and have the potential to wipe off harmful disinfectants from the industry.


Enhanced welfare in the workplace and more attention to the requirement of an equitable and fair society could well be additional fallouts from COVID-19. As we attempt to live with COVID-19, we much source new hygiene methodologies to prevent the spread of this virus in our schools, homes, and work environments. It seems a common-sense approach to making all surface touch-points and infrastructure generally bacteria static. The Pasteur Institute in France demonstrated how bacteria over a seven-year cycle can adapt and accommodate to the most aggressive disinfectants, turning them from killer apps to the main course for these pathogens. Overuse of disinfectants such as chlorine is increasingly seen to be cancer agents to people exposed frequently.

Alternative to Chemically Hazardous Disinfectants

The technology exists, is eco-friendly, inexpensive, and is easy to apply, but faces massive resistance from the chemical sector who, naturally are in the business of selling cleaning chemicals. We need to reduce the risk of catching COVID-19, but this does not mean we should embrace toxic disinfectants. If we reduce bacteria propagation in the first place, we do not need to expose people and property to aggressive chemicals.

Antimicrobial coatings became the need of the hour to protect the surfaces and build structures from the virus. The antimicrobial coating has gained more relevance during the current time because of its safeguard and various other functions such as the detection of coronavirus.

HYDRAGUARD PLUS is free from harmful nanoparticles which makes it unique and more eco-friendly. It forms a network of nano-needles structure which are not harmful to humans and invisible to the naked eye. These nano-needles puncture the exterior envelope of the pathogen making the coating a self-disinfecting system. It can be sprayed onto any surface like glass metal or plastic and when it bonds after 6 hrs at room temperature you get a self-disinfecting surface that punctures the virus physically round the clock 24*7 till 90 days or maybe more based on environmental conditions. This will eliminate the usage of any disinfectants because pathogens no longer survive on such surfaces.

“During COVID-19's current health crisis across the world, it was absolutely essential for us to focus our expertise in nanochemistry on products that can help reduce the spread of harmful viruses and make them available as soon as possible to Schools, Business Infrastructure, and health-care facilities,” said Rohit Rajput, Technical Director of Advanced Nanotech Lab.



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ADVANCED NANOTECH LAB (ANT LAB) is a speciality chemical manufacturer based in Mumbai, India. They design innovative chemistry using nanotechnology for implementing features like water repellency, dirt repellency, superhydrophobicity, etc.

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