Advanced Cancer Patients Come From Their Chemo Chairs to Model on the Catwalk

Say YES to Hope and SMGlobal Catwalk make dreams come true for stage 4 cancer patients as they model during SMGlobal Dallas Revolution.

Surviving in Fashion

Say YES to HOPE co-founder and survivor Suzanne Lindley, and international fashion mogul, designer, and Dallas resident Samina Mughal have partnered to spotlight advanced cancer. Together they are making dreams come true for stage 4 cancer patients as they model during SMGlobal Catwalk Dallas Revolution. The event will take place on Oct. 5 from 6pm to 10pm at Frontiers of Flight Museum, 6911 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, Tx  75209.   

Suzanne and Samina have forged an empowering collaboration by combining the glitz and glamour of fashion with the fear and isolation of what most consider terminal cancer. The runway experience allows patients a step back from cancer while showing the world it is possible to live fully regardless of the diagnosis. In addition to modeling, these ladies will be wearing couture gowns and jewelry as they rock the runway.

"You can hear a pin drop as the survivors take the runway, Then energy explodes as these ladies shower the crowd with inspiration and courage."

Suzanne Lindley, Co-Founder

These courageous ladies have undergone a barrage of treatments including chemotherapy, immuno-oncology, surgery, radiation, clinical trials, SIR-Spheres, targeted treatments, and more, and many are still undergoing treatment of their disease. The featured survivor models are:

Kathy Baker - Grand Saline resident, wife, mom, friend, and breast cancer survivor passionate about breast cancer and genetic counseling advocacy

Jan Boyd – Paris resident, advanced colon cancer survivor, mom, GrandJan, woman of faith, bridge enthusiast, music lover, warrior           

Elke McReynolds – Edgewood resident, advanced ovarian cancer survivor, mom, grandma, customer service specialist

Amanda Meyer – Oklahoma City resident, 36-year-old mommy of 4 diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer while pregnant      

Vicki Miller Medlin – Garland resident, advanced breast cancer survivor, strong-willed, adventurous, encouraging, story-teller                                                          

Carolyn Murrah – North Richland. Hills resident, stage 4 colon cancer survivor, advocate, wife, and fiercely determined mama bear of 5 children  

After recent successful shows in New York, London, and Paris, the SMGlobal Catwalk is excited for the “Surviving in Fashion” showcase to be in Dallas, Samina’s hometown. The event boasts burgeoning showcases with emerging designers, yet the survivors add a special touch to the night. They will, for a few hours, escape the ravages of cancer and provide the public with a glimpse into the courage and beauty life holds in spite of cancer. YES and SMGlobal will be bringing the little-discussed topic of advanced cancer to this prolific event that will capture moments, trends, and fashion. Because of Samina's gracious heart, more than 60 survivors have shared their stories of tragedy and triumph with cancer since the collaboration began six seasons ago.

SMGlobal Catwalk and Say YES to Hope invite you to attend SMGlobal Catwalk Dallas Revolution on October 5 from 6pm to 10pm at Frontiers of Flight Museum, 6911 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, Tx  75209  Guests will enjoy a sneak peek at the latest fashion trends.  To purchase tickets or for further info visit or call 877-937-7478.

Source: Say YES to Hope


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