AdvanceBio Supplies Pretreatment Reactor System for Production of Non-GMO, Organic XOS Prebiotic

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AdvanceBio Systems, LLC (AdvanceBio), a technology and process design leader in the sustainable food and fuel industries, is supplying a commercial-scale biomass pretreatment reactor system to Prenexus Health for use in expanding the production capacity of its Gilbert, Ariz. facility.

Prenexus constructed the Gilbert facility following a technology development program that included piloting the process on AdvanceBio's SüPR2G biomass pretreatment reactor at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The certified-organic XOS (xylo-oligosaccharide) product is produced through a novel process that uses U.S.-grown organic sugar cane. Branded as PreneXOSTM, the resulting ingredient is an effective prebiotic for feeding beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut microbiome, using as little as one gram per day.

"Our team is thrilled to be selected," said Dale Monceaux, Principal of AdvanceBio. "The Prenexus project, along with recent process development work on sustainable protein projects, brings our team to the forefront of innovative, next-generation food, feed and fuel technologies."

"We are very excited about working with AdvanceBio for the design and construction of our expanded PreneXOSTMproduction facility in Gilbert, Arizona," said Kevin Gray, Chief Technology Officer of Prenexus Health. "AdvanceBio is the preeminent supplier of high solids, continuous reactor systems for a variety of industries including bioenergy and nutrition."

Prenexus recently completed the first close of its Series B fundraise, which will allow the company to significantly expand production capacity at its manufacturing facility in Gilbert, Ariz.

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AdvanceBio, LLC is a technology and process design leader in the sustainable fuel and food industries.

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