Advance America: 5 Ways to Find Some Much-Needed Money for the Holidays

The holidays are here, which means people are rushing to the stores to spend money on gifts for their friends and family.

One problem many of these people will run into this year — as they do every year — is having too many gifts to purchase and not enough money to buy them with.

Fortunately, there are many ways to come up with a few extra bucks for holiday shopping.

1. Work Overtime

The simplest way for someone to bolster their holiday budget is to work more at their job.

Now, working overtime can cause someone to become more stressed and miss out on time with family. Plus, it may not be the most fun method for people who aren’t fans of their jobs.

However, employees can earn serious cash if they put in a few extra hours at work. After all, holidays are prime time for businesses needing extra hands, as employers may have end-of-year projects to knock out.

2. Work a Part-Time or Seasonal Retail Job

The stores selling all the items people need for the holidays often need seasonal hires to meet the intense demand.

This is especially true at retailers that specialize in a seasonal good, such as a store specializing in winter apparel. People that need more money in their holiday budget and want something different from more hours at their day job could pick up part-time work at these stores.

As a bonus, they could get discounts on the store’s products and save more on their holiday shopping. Plus, they could learn new things in their part-time gig.

3. Shovel Driveways

Shoveling snow is a class way of earning more money and doing a kind thing for neighbors.

People who live in snowy areas can go around their neighborhood, help their neighbors clear their driveways, and earn some cash for holiday shopping.

4. Get a Fast Cash Loan

Sometimes, people need cash right away for the holidays. Items are flying off the shelves — they don’t have time to work extra hours or clear driveways of snow.

A fast cash loan could be their best bet. Fast cash loans can extend someone’s holiday budget further if they need some extra room.

That said, some people forgot to save for the holidays altogether. In this instance, a fast cash loan can save the day, ensuring they’re able to get all the gifts they need. Then, they would just need to plan ahead for repaying the loan.

5. Sell Old Stuff

Every year, people receive gifts they don’t plan on using. Clothing is a typical example.

Instead of throwing these items away or letting them gather dust in a closet, it’d be wise to sell them back — along with other old things.

In doing so, someone could clear out room in their house for the new gifts they’ll be receiving this holiday season. Having a home with less clutter never hurts, either.

Notice: Information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Consult your financial advisor about your financial circumstances.

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