Advance America: 4 Things to Consider When Getting an Installment Loan Online

Installment loans can be great financial tools for people who need to cover unexpected bills or make large purchases. But before moving forward with this type of loan, potential borrowers should weigh a few factors. Here are some important things borrowers can consider when getting installment loans online:

1. Credit Score

Borrowers should first consider their credit score before getting an installment loan. Borrowers with high scores may have access to more options — such as lower interest rates and larger amounts — but there are also plenty of opportunities for borrowers with fair and poor credit. These borrowers can look for lenders that check other factors alongside their credit score, such as income and employment status, to increase their chances of getting a good loan.

2. Pros and Cons of Installment Loans

Installment loans may not be for everyone, so borrowers should weigh the pros and cons against other kinds of loans.

Some advantages of installment loans include:

  • Scheduled payments — This makes budgeting for the loan easier.
  • Lower interest rates— Borrowers can save on interest in some cases when comparing to other short-term loans.
  • Large amounts available — These can help borrowers make large purchases without having the cash on hand.
  • Option to Refinance — Many Installment Loans include the ability to refinance during the loan term.

Meanwhile, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of:

  • Terms can vary between lenders — Borrowers need to do their research. Some lenders may offer high rates or low amounts.
  • Fees and penalties — Late fees, origination fees (charged for taking out the loan), and prepayment penalties (some lenders charge this if a borrower pays a loan off early) are all possibilities.

3. Safety and Legitimacy of the Lender

There are some scammers and fake companies that may try and steal from borrowers. Luckily, borrowers can avoid illegitimate lenders by doing some research.

For example, all lenders must be licensed in every state they do business in. Borrowers can check the lender's website and see if they list that. If not, they may not be a legitimate lender.

Borrowers can also explore rating and review sites. Lenders with four or five stars and thousands of ratings may be safe. But borrowers should still check that a lender is legitimate in other ways, as some illegitimate lenders may pay for fake reviews.

4. Ability to Pay the Loan Back

Finally, borrowers must make sure they have room in their budget to pay the loan back. They need to factor in the principal amount and interest. That way, they can make every payment on time and avoid late fees or credit damage.

Consider These Factors Before Getting an Installment Loan

With so many loan types available, borrowers need to make sure that an installment loan truly is the right choice for them. They should look at their credit score, weigh the benefits and drawbacks of these loans, budget for the loan payment, and ensure they're borrowing from a safe lender. By doing so, they may reap the benefits of installment loans without any issues.

Notice: Information provided in this article is for information purposes only. Consult your financial advisor about your financial circumstances.


Source: Advance America

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