Adva Mobile's Newest Software Includes Personal Text Numbers for Artist to Fan Communications

Newest Version of Leading Mobile Marketing Service for Creative Artists Brings Fans and Artists Closer

​​​​​​Adva Mobile Corporation, the leading mobile marketing platform for creative Artists to acquire, engage, and sell to their Fans, expanded their popular marketing platform with new Fan relationship management tools. The leading new technology includes a personal phone number for each Artist to use to text with Fans.

Text, and the integrated engagement tools on the Adva Mobile Platform, are used to fundamentally change the way Artists interact with their Fans. The Artist-Fan relationship is enhanced because of the closeness that text messaging provides. Now, Artists can talk to their Fans personally like they would any of their friends.

Welcome to Text Conversations

The Adva Mobile platform provides each Artist a unique phone number that Fans and Followers can use to connect with the Artist. When the Fans text in, they can opt-in to a Fan Directory for an Artist and are encouraged to enter their information to connect with the Artist personally. Artists can create conversations with their Fans based upon location, topics or tags of their choice.

The creative ways Artists can use Text to engage and communicate with Fans is endless. Because the service allows Artists to communicate directly with Fans, Artists can, for instance, send direct messages to certain Fans thanking them for supporting you with a purchase, mentioning them on social media, attending a concert or any number of direct communications. Text is a terrific medium for Alerts. A text blast can be sent to everyone for a new album release or a simple thank you. A blast can also be sent to specific Fans who live in a certain city to promote a concert or to Fans who've spent over $100 for a special event invite. These messages can include Shopify, iTunes or other sales links where fans can store credit card info or instantly make purchases.

A Full-Service Marketing Platform for Creative Artists

These new capabilities augment the already strong existing Platform which provides Artists with Interactive Web App Landing Pages, Email Marketing, CRM Fan database and campaign creation and management tools. Fan interaction on the Web App is captured and associated with individual Fan Profiles, which help Artists understand engagement and identify which Fans are Superfans and ready to buy.

"If you're a band on a major label, you have a support staff to manage all these Fan outreach and management activities. If you're an emerging Artist, you need simple, effective tools to manage this yourself," said Jack Kelly, Adva Mobile CEO.

About Adva Mobile: Adva Mobile provides marketing technology and services that help creative Artists create closer relations with their audience. The service aligns Text Marketing, Email Marketing, Responsive Web Landing Pages, Storefront, Engagement services and Fan Database management into an integrated marketing services platform.

For more information contact Jack Kelly, CEO, or 877-752-5116.

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