Adtraxion Systems Launches OPS-compliant Digital Signage Player

Adtraxion Systems has announced the availability of the Adtraxion Om Player. This new Adtraxion Player is an OPS-compliant digital signage player which allows simplified installation.

Adtraxion Systems recently announced a new digital signage player, the Adtraxion Om Player. The Adtraxion Om Player is a small OPS-compliant digital signage player, which can be easily slid into OPS-compliant displays. It perfectly combines superior graphics performance with clean, all-in-one integration for a wide range of digital signage applications where reliability is key. To guarantee reliability and ongoing performance, Adtraxion Systems once again partnered with Advantech to develop this new model.

Adtraxion Systems announced the Adtraxion Om Player during its 3rd Adtraxion Adtnet Member Event 2013. Adtraxion partners were invited to Media Plaza where they were introduced to the new Adtraxion Player. The event included a live demo to demonstrate various features of the new Adtraxion Player which allows integrators to deploy their system solutions more quickly and enables high serviceability.

"Digital signage integrators shall enjoy the simplified installation. They only have to slide the Adtraxion Om Player into the display slot, without the necessity of any power and video cabling," explains Hans Ketterings, Director for Adtraxion Systems. "And thanks to the partnership with Advantech, the Adtraxion Om Player is poised to offer the same reliability our partners are used to from us."

Intel® developed the digital signage Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) which is an industry-wide standard for the design and development of digital signage players. Compliant with the OPS, the Adtraxion Om Player effectively lowers deployment and field maintenance costs and simplifies the installation significantly.

Another cost saving feature is the low power consumption which helps users lower their monthly electricity costs. The Adtraxion Om Player consumes an average of less than 20W of power and automatically switches to a low power mode when no playlist is active.

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