Adrian Lamo to Wikileaks: Alleged Spy is an Alleged Spy

Lamo rebuffs intimidation attempt by Wikileaks organizer; states efforts by Julian Assange doing more harm than good.

Adrian Lamo refused a demand by Wikileaks today that he cease discussing potential espionage by Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst fingered in a recent leak probe after his own confessions during an instant message chat.

Lamo received the e-mailed letter in the early AM of his local time, waking him to an exhortation that he turn over "all emails and chat logs you alleged to have come from Mr. Manning."

The e-mail went on to require that Lamo alter his descriptions of Manning, claiming "Mr. Manning, as a "whistleblower", who had already lost his access over an unrelated issue, held no data, and was of no meaningful threat to anyone. In particular Mr. Manning was not an "alleged spy"."

The message went on to suggest "Your most effective personal strategy is to say you were scared due to your previous experiences, unthoughtful due to recent drug problems, and made a decision which you now bitterly regret and would under no circumstances repeat."

Lamo states in no uncertain terms that he would repeat his actions in turning in Manning upon his admissions, and that the course of conduct which Manning undertook could be readily construed as espionage. Wikileaks head Julian Assange is an Australian national.

Manning is in his third week of military custody. Wikileak's Assange's efforts have done Manning no favors & done little to free him, and Assange has yet to name the alleged lawyers he claims to have retained for Manning, or state his location.

Lamo will not be minding the advice contained within the e-mail.

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