Adore Cosmetics is Using Apples to Take Us One Step Closer to Agelessness

Remember the story of the golden apples that could grant immortality to the person who ate them? It seemed too good to be true; plants couldn't make you live forever. However, it seems that they can make you age less quickly, and Adore Cosmetics has discovered how to harness their power for more youthful skin.

Plant stem cells are becoming increasingly popular in cosmetic and skin care brands for their apparent anti-aging properties. But what is the hype really about? Are all of the companies claiming this new technology will benefit a person’s skin or is this an elaborate scam? Spoiler alert: it’s not a scam!

Plant stem cell culture technology is a very complicated process that ensures the growth of plant cells in sterile environments. The lab-cultivated culture allows for substances present in plants to be grown where it would otherwise be very difficult to obtain naturally. It results in ingredients that are free from environmental pollutants, available all the time, and with an identical amount of nutrients in every batch.

To test the viability of plant stem cells as an anti-aging product, a Swiss Company called Mibelle Chemistry tested the anti-aging capabilities of a variety of Swiss Apples. The study took place over a 4-week period and measured the depth of “crow's feet” periodically (every 2 weeks). The moisturizing cream -- which contained the plant stem cells -- was applied twice daily. The results of the study saw a 15% total decrease in depth of the wrinkles after 4 weeks.

Adore Cosmetics, one of the leaders in regards to skincare technologies, is a brand whose entire line of products is formulated with plant stem cells from rare organic Swiss Apples to encourage the renewal of your skin’s own stem cells.

Adore Cosmetics products protect the skin’s current stem cells, prevents damage than can occur due to UV stress and environmental factors, and promotes the vitality of skin stem cells.  As a result, the skin of people who use Adore Cosmetics is restored, renewed, and replenished as our organic ingredients encourage it to slow down -- and, according to this study, potentially reverse -- the aging process!

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About Adore CosmeticsAdore Cosmetics offers innovations in organic skin care products powered by plant stem cells and other beauty-boosting ingredients. Adore skincare products are designed to promote beauty, help reverse the signs of aging, and restore a youthful glow to the skin naturally by harnessing the power of nature. 

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About Adore Cosmetics

Adore Cosmetics offers innovations in organic skin care products powered by plant stem cells and other beauty-boosting ingredients. Adore products are designed to promote beauty, help reverse the signs of aging, and restore a youthful glow.

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