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Adonis Arms at Signature Stag Menswear

Adonis Arms, the star of Texas Tech University's basketball team and a recent addition to the Denver Nuggets roster, has taken the sport by storm. His infectious smile and team-first attitude have made him well-loved by his community. Adonis grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he was often mocked for his athletic aspirations. He wanted to be a professional athlete, but no one wanted to recruit him—so he ended up in Mesa, Arizona, looking for a place to play basketball. Adonis always believed that he could reach his goal of joining the NBA. He put in the work and effort to end up in his first NCAA tournament, but he didn't stop there—he's continued to grind, and now he's earned his role in the big leagues.

Recently, Arms has also been making waves in the fashion world. Adonis has entered into a highly stylish and mutually beneficial relationship with local Texas clothier, Signature Stag. Signature Stag is a "one-stop man shop" for men's fashion needs, offering everything from classy suits to sporty socks. Signature Stag offers various brands and styles for any occasion and has two brick-and-mortar locations in Lubbock and Midland, plus an online shop. Signature Stag CEO Natalie Huey and her husband, BJ, are proud Lubbock residents and have been for years. According to Natalie, "The Lubbock community can't get enough of Adonis Arms' contagious smile, personality, & team leadership. The whole city loves to rally around their favorite team and player."

Signature Stag products are designed by people who love sports—and they show it with every piece they produce. Natalie's Red Raider roots have led to a line of red and black clothing and accessories, including t-shirts, hoodies, and more. The Signature Stag even hosts a Bloody Mary bar for many home basketball and football games.

Signature Stag is proud to be Adonis Arms' go-to place for all his fashion needs. Adonis was drawn to Signature Stag for their unique looks and strong Texas pride. "Signature Stag is the only place I go to get my custom clothing & game day gear," Adonis has said. Signature Stag is the perfect combination of colorful and swanky, which is why it can make any man feel like a king. Wearing Signature Stag gives Adonis confidence because he knows he looks good and is expressing himself in it.

In the upcoming months, fans will see Adonis wearing Signature Stag's products at events around Texas and beyond. Arms' Signature Stag custom suit is exactly what he asked for: a bold pink and gray color combination that will help him stand out in all of his upcoming post-draft events and interviews. The blend of vibrant colors and sleek lines makes for a bold and eye-catching look. Adonis' love for fashion and style has only continued to grow since then. The relationship between Signature Stag and Adonis Arms is sure to impress fans of basketball and fashion alike.

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