Admission in 2014 Open in Junior Wonders Tuition Centre

Registration for classes in 2014 is now open at Junior Wonders in Singapore. One can visit the institute for more information on the registration process and to witness their teaching practices.

Junior Wonders Tuition Centre in Singapore is now open for registrations for its classes for the current year, 2014. One can get registered and learn the subjects in an interesting and a better way. The tuition centre specializes in the three main subjects - Mathematics, Science & English. It is advised to visit the institute for more information & formalities on the registration process. This way one would also be able to witness their technique of teaching and the approach of handling the kids.

Qualities which Junior Wonders claims to possess:

• Classes are conducted in small class sizes of 6 Per Group. This has been maintained so that the children who comes from a classroom environment of school, does not feel the same here and get lost in their thoughts. Small size group encourages the child to communicate their problem and have a sense of belongingness.

• It is made sure that individual attention is provided to each and every individual at the tuition centre

• Dedicated and Qualified Tutors and Teachers are employed by the centre in order to provide the best education and this is imparted in the best way.

• The tutors are well-trained for handling the kids coming from different background and this enables them to make a bonding with the child.

• Timely Feedback is provided to the child and the parents on the performance of the child. In addition to this, parents are welcomed to the institute to understand how they should help their child at home in doing the task.

• Course material is designed specifically taking into account the child's level and not the class into which the child is seeking admission into.

• Gives the students the real time experience of solving the problems

• Children are motivated and encouraged from time to time by conducting the reward programs and showing recognition for the slightest improvement in the child's performance.
Record shows that this institute has helped many students get better in their academic subjects and over the time has received numerous positive reviews and feedback from parents. Looking back over the last year in 2013, more than 50% of the P6 students have achieved greater than 2 grade improvements from their prelims.

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