ADHD Online and HealthBar Announce Partnership

Companies to provide schools and self-insured employers a broader set of healthcare services to improve the total wellness of covered individuals

Michigan-based companies HealthBar and ADHD Online, the industry leader in virtual ADHD assessment and patient care plans, are excited to announce their partnership in which they will be providing expanded healthcare services to Michigan school districts and self-insured employers. The partnership provides confidential access to ADHD-related mental health services, improves the total wellness (both physical and mental wellness) of covered individuals, and will reduce overall healthcare costs.

HealthBar, a premier nursing organization, helps people live healthier lives by providing nurse-driven healthcare services for school districts and businesses through onsite, concierge, and telehealth-based services. School nurse programs help ensure students are better able to manage ongoing health issues on a cost-efficient basis. HealthBar also offers onsite services to help employees and their families better manage their preventative health care routines and manage chronic conditions.

ADHD Online offers mental health assessments, diagnosis and treatment for ADHD and related mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. ADHD Online's doctoral-level psychologists render appropriate diagnoses within three-to-five days, at a fraction of the out-of-pocket costs paid by families, even after their health plans contribute their portion of the costs. Patients can choose to take the diagnosis to their own care team for appropriate treatment, or they can receive medical treatment or therapy via telehealth appointments with ADHD Online's licensed providers.

With this capability, school districts can start developing accommodation plans for affected students right away, rather than waiting months for resource-strained healthcare professionals to complete similar assessments. These accommodation plans can be used to justify additional in-class resources to provide help to individual students - ensuring a better learning environment for every student in the classroom.

The partnership will deliver further-reduced healthcare costs for self-insured employers by extending the savings to mental healthcare. These services will help improve employee productivity and job satisfaction, while reducing mental healthcare claims, lost time and employee turnover.

"HealthBar and ADHD Online offer highly complementary healthcare services. Even better, we share a commitment to make it easier for patients to receive high-quality healthcare," says Michael Lomonaco, HealthBar Director of Sales and Marketing.

"The pandemic has taught us the importance of addressing both physical and mental health needs. This partnership makes it easier to seek help when needed, and easier for the whole family to benefit from proactive treatment," says Nathan Baar, HealthBar CEO.

Doug Landman, ADHD Online's VP of Business Development, says, "Because resources are so constrained, students often have to wait to get a diagnosis - sometimes even a full school year. This partnership helps families get expert answers about ADHD and related conditions within a few days, and allows schools to start developing accommodation plans right away. We don't think families should have to wait to get the help their student needs. And they shouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars to get that help."

"It's great to work with another of the Top 50 Michigan Companies to Watch. Our cultures are highly innovative and collaborative - working together has magnified these qualities. It's very exciting and our patients will be the ones who benefit most," says Zachariah Booker, ADHD Online Co-Founder and CEO.

About ADHD Online

ADHD Online was founded in 2018 with the mission that everyone should have access to quality ADHD assessment regardless of who and where they are. The ADHD Online team is filled with industry experts across the United States who all share the same passion for ADHD and making sure patients have access to critical mental health services. ADHD Online is leading the way with being a critical voice for those who might be struggling with ADHD and is the only organization to offer HIPAA-secured ADHD assessments online with certified results from licensed psychologists. ADHD Online is active in all 50 states.

About HealthBar

HealthBar is a custom healthcare services company providing on-demand, concierge medical care to a wide variety of clients and industries. Their goal is to change lives and how healthcare is delivered by providing a more consumer-friendly, transparent model of service. Their services can be ordered as a package or independently. Improving access, reducing cost, and focusing on healthy lifestyles and habits drive their core mission of reducing an individual's dependence on the healthcare system. You can learn more at

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