Addonics Announces a Family of High Performance and Expandable Hard Drive and SSD Duplicators

Jasper II 3SID

Addonics Technologies ( today announced the Jasper II Duplicator, a family of HDD and SSD duplicators with high performance and expansion capability.

The Jasper II Duplicator can copy at a rate of up to 260 MB/sec, more than twice the performance of most duplicators in the market. Whereas the performance of most duplicators declines with increasing load, the duplication speed on a Jasper II Duplicator remains the same regardless of number of drives in the copying process.

Unlike a traditional duplicator that is designed for a fixed number of copies at one time, the duplicating capacity of a Jasper II Duplicator can be expanded by connecting multiple units together. If you have three Jasper II Duplicators capable of making 1:3, 1:11 and 1:19 copies, you can connect all these three units together to turn them into a 1:35 duplicators. Or you can connect two 1:11 Jasper II Duplicators together to form a 1:23 duplicator.

The Jasper II Duplicator comes in choice of models to duplicate 3.5”/2.5” HDD/SSD, M2/mSATA SSD or CFast SSD. All models have the capability of duplicating 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD. By adding various optional Addonics 2.5” flash drive adapters, the Jasper II Duplicator can be used to duplicate the following popular flash media: M2 SATA SSD, mSATA SSD, CFast SSD, CF card, slim SATA SSD or micro SATA HDD/SSD. There are also models that allow duplicating both SATA and legacy IDE hard drive. The Jasper II Duplicators are designed to operate standalone without any computer and include features such as drive sanitizing to wipe data off a used hard drive, option to copy HPA, option to copy data only or sector by sector.

The price of the Jasper II Duplicator starts from $545 on a 1:1 3.5”/2.5” HDD/SSD model.

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