ADD COLOR EyeDear Announces the Launch of the Next-Gen Wearable Eye Care Device on Kickstarter

On the 29th of July 2021, ADD COLOR EyeDear announced its latest innovation on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. EyeDear is a smart wearable eye care device that delivers eye care that can eliminate fatigue and dark circles. EyeDear is now available on Kickstarter: 

EyeDear is the next-generation wearable eye care device, made for eye beauty and relaxation. EyeDear can relieve the eyes to the greatest extent, allowing users to easily eliminate fatigue and dark circles. EyeDear offers three methods to care for the eyes: EMS, red light, and heating. After 60 days of consistent use, eye skin can be improved significantly. The appearance of aging around the eyes can be reduced.

EMS is a full-scale contraction exercise for the eye. It can help to promote blood circulation, repair eye wrinkles, and prevent eye muscle aging. Equipped with five EMS intensity modes, the EyeDear can help to relieve eye fatigue, eye strain, and dry eyes at the level of massage intensity users choose. 

The use of red light technology can help to reduce the appearance of aging by penetrating the skin, activating cells, and increasing the natural production of supplemented collagen.

The eye care device offers a comfortable temperature of 104° and 105°F, heating up within 60 seconds. It helps to relax and improve blood circulation around the eyes. 

The design of EyeDear is stylish and lightweight, in the shape of glasses and weighing only 45g. In addition, the device is ergonomically designed so that users can adjust it to perfectly fit their face and enjoy an eye massage at any time, no matter if they are at work or having fun.

The built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery makes the EyeDear able to last up to 72 hours on a full charge, which allows users to get an eye massage anytime and anywhere. EyeDear has already been thoroughly examined and received safety certifications, so rest assured that users can use it with peace of mind.

The EyeDear with EMS, heat, and red light technology can help to relieve eye fatigue, eye strain, and dryness. It is the perfect eye care device for daily use and is available now on Kickstarter with special offers available for early backers. 

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