Adaptogenix Network Marketing Business Model Review

This is a general review of the company claiming to be the next big giant in the direct sales industry, Adaptogenix.

Adaptogenix is a company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah is launching in April of 2011. There has been a lot of buzz about this company in the last few weeks so let's take a closer look.

Adaptogenix has a very clean and solid record for growth and stability. The owner of Adaptogenix is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in North America that has already helped create many new millionaires in one of his previous business adventures. Rumor has it that there are already a dozen or more people involved in Adaptogenix that are already earning over 20k a month.

So far, so good - The products that Adaptogenix have are some of the best that I have seen. There are many different ones to choose from and are loaded with botanicals called Adaptogens. These adaptogens are great for your body in many different ways, not like the over publicized hidden berry's from some poor country across the globe. These botanicals help your body recoup and adapt to your surroundings.

Adaptogenix offers some unique products that help lower stress, boost your immune system, slow down the aging process and very effectively improve your overall daily performance and clarity. It has been proven that the longer you take these adaptogens, the more they help your body and overall wellbeing.

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About Adaptogenix

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