Adaptive and Spark Compass Announces Alliance - Combining Data Governance, Analytics and AI

The companies will bring their combined solutions to the Sports Tech, AI and machine learning markets, Fin-tech, Energy, Retail, Government and Advanced Banking Technologies markets on a global scale. Combining the capabilities offered by both companies will provide added benefits to their clients and partners.

Adaptive, Inc., a leading provider of data governance and analytics capabilities, and Total Communicator Solutions Inc (TCS), aka Spark Compass, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligent capabilities to identify and analyze patterns of enterprise data, today announced a collaboration to combine and integrate their award-winning technologies. 

Jeff Goins, the Director of Adaptive, states, "With the proven Spark Compass platform and its event-action communication structure, we will be able to bring added value to our current and future clients by providing an authoritative, single point-of-truth for enhance governance and audit-ability coupled with enhanced AI and communications to various data-centric sources of data. We are very excited how this can be leveraged to specific vertical markets to include domain-centric models, rules and metadata which can be leveraged in many ways to enhance analytics, deliver measurable results and deepen collaborations." 

Erik Bjontegard, the founder and inventor of the Spark Compass platform, says, "The Adaptive advanced governance and data harvesting capabilities enable us to deliver tremendous value to our clients by providing automated enhanced intelligence in the way we collect the data from the varied data silos providing "Data with a Purposeā„¢." The Spark Compass platform has powered many fan relationship platforms from the America's Cup to Wimbledon. Now a partner with Google Cloud, AWS and IBM Watson and multiple solution integration providers such as HCL, the platform will be activated by numerous global clients in a variety of markets from sports to marketing, smart city to IoT to banking and DeFi platforms. 

About Adaptive, Inc. 

Adaptive provides a scalable, web-based enterprise-class platform to support and manage multiple models, architectures and data across an evolving set of technologies, applications and users. Adaptive's platform enables organizations to understand and monitor the source and pathways of data movement including data transformations across the enterprise. Adaptive is leveraged by many Global 2000 companies and governments around the world to address the challenges of data governance and analytics. 

About Total Communicator Solutions Inc. aka Spark Compass 

The patented Spark Compass communication platform is delivering measurable outcomes on data collected from IoT devices, mobile phones and connected devices in the physical world. Combined with the patented AI communication platform, the solution is used by organizations to improve communication and analytics with its clients. A virtual operating solution for data-driven communication has been utilized to connect fans for sports such as Ole Miss to the America's cup, enhancing brand engagement from Puma to Coca-Cola, and utilized by venues from San Diego airport to cities like Greater Manchester to the entire Island of Bermuda. Spark Compass has partnered with Google Cloud, IBM Watson and multiple solution integrators.

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