Adam Groves Expands Top Tier E-Commerce

Top Tier E-Commerce is the leading agency in the Shopify Automation space

Top Tier has just released their newest package that offers the most equity possible at a 90% share that goes to the client. This means any profit generated, the client keeps 90%. Typically, most agencies prefer to use the rev-share model with their clients, but Top Tier, being the leading agency and the creator of Shopify Automation, opted to go the profit share route. This means more money in the client's pocket when compared to rev-share models.

With over 200 clients and over $15 million in sales since 2016, Top Tier has been leading the pack in the industry.

"Top Tier has been through the ups and downs of the economy and we remain triumphant through it all. People need a brand they can trust, and Top Tier has really been that rock for a lot of people," said Adam Groves, CEO and Founder of Top Tier E-Commerce.

About Top Tier E-Commerce

Top Tier E-Commerce was started in 2016 by Adam Groves, a visionary entrepreneur that saw a gap in the market and pounced. They create and manage online brands for people using the Shopify platform to host the store and brand. When asked about Top Tier's success, Adam says, "It's pretty crazy to see how far we've come. Being a high school dropout, there weren't a lot of options for me career-wise, but I really latched on to making Top Tier work. I used to scrub toilets as a janitor in a gas station, but to tell you the truth, I always knew I'd do great things someday. Top Tier wants to change 10,000 lives in the next 10 years, and we will." He says this is due to their strong client relationships and unique marketing strategies that bring noteworthy results. Top Tier has an office in Bowling Green, Kentucky and employs a US staff instead of virtual assistants like their competitors. For more information, visit

About Shopify Automation

Shopify Automation is a business model created by Adam Groves. In 2016 after his first bite of success, he was constantly hit with a barrage of messages and people reaching out asking how to get into Shopify and learn to do the same. There were already courses by various gurus at the time but something Adam noticed missing was a solution to help those that didn't want to learn or those that didn't have time to learn. So Adam came up with the idea to completely do all of the work for people. They would pay him to build and manage their online store for them. He and Top Tier would build the store, find the products to sell, do the marketing, and handle customer service in exchange for a fee and a small back-end profit share. This allowed those that didn't have the time to run their own store to get in on the e-commerce craze. Since 2021 many other companies have popped up copying Top Tier E-Commerce and their business model.

Company: Top Tier E-Commerce
Contact: Adam Groves - CEO/Founder

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